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18 Tips for Creating the Best Answering Service from SAS Employees

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Modern customers expect much more from businesses then they ever have before. Research shows that almost 70% of consumers say great customer service is very important in their choice to stay loyal to a brand. Combine that with consumers who are on the fence about good customer service and you have 98% of consumers! That’s a pretty big number. With how easy it is today to find competing products or services online, the need for great customer service is what’s becoming the defining factor in a brands success.

So how are businesses staying a step ahead of growing customer service expectations? For starters, they’re letting telephone answering services like SAS handle their front-end customer service 24 hours a day. We asked some of our employees for their best tips on how to use an answering service to strengthen the customer service relationship between businesses and consumers.

This article highlights our employees advice on every stage of the customer service process, from greeting and information gathering to tier 1 technical support and dispatching requests out of the scope of the virtual receptionists capabilities. You’ll learn more from this article than you would if you interviewed every employee in every answering service in the United States!

Tips for how to structure your greeting

Advice on what types of requests you want the answering service to handle

Observations on what frustrates customers the most when speaking with a virtual receptionist and advice on how to mitigate

Tips on escalations to your own on-call staff

Advice on how to work with your answering service to solve problems

Guidance on what makes a great customer service interaction

Advice on how the answering service should deal with angry customers

Tips on hold times and how to approach it

Must-have advice for anyone using an answering service

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