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5 disadvantages of voicemail. Bag it in favor of live voice answering!

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Listen voicemail, we need to talk. This really doesn’t seem to be working, and I think we should break up. It’s not you. I mean, you’re perfect. You do everything right. You’re always there when I need you. When people talk, you listen. And you say the cutest little greeting every time someone calls. It’s just that there’s something missing. I wish you would talk back to me, but I guess it’s not in your nature. I need more. Maybe we could stick together and just see other people?

Voicemail. Sure, it’s great for screening calls from your mother-in-law. But when it comes to your business, your clients deserve better. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should partner with SAS’ professional telephone answering service for live voice reception, 24 hours a day.

  1. Instant gratification: Have you met the American consumer? We thrive on instant gratification, and when we don’t get it at one business, we’ll go find it elsewhere. 24/7 live answering gives your clients the immediate assistance they crave.
  2. Man overboard: How many calls do you receive after hours? Whether it’s 1 or 100, if no one is answering, then your clients could be jumping ship. “But they can leave a voicemail, and I’ll get back to them tomorrow,” you say. Really? See #1.
  3. Money, money, money, money – money: If you run an e-commerce, catalog or retail business, and you don’t have 24-hour coverage, then potential sales are going down the drain. People like buying your product, and you like making money when they do. So, give them what they want.
  4. It’s just business, it’s not personal: Well, it should always be personal. Think about it. What would you rather get when you call a business? Someone’s impersonal voicemail? Or a live-voice, friendly operator who can chat you up and instantly address your needs? We thought so.
  5. Repeat shoppers: The more you cater to current and potential clients, the more likely they will patronize your company again and again. And better yet, they’ll bring friends. Now, what does all this repeat shopping spell? If you answered #3, give yourself a gold star.

In fairness, we do offer voice mail service; just not as a stand alone. We offer it as a happy robot companion to our live operator answering service. Ours is a pretty bare bones service – caller chooses voicemail, they leave a message, and we send you an email.

If you want something more than that, check out our voicemail comparison for some great companies who play nice with Specialty Answering Service as a live agent option.

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