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5 Receptionists Offer Their Best Advice in Honor of National Receptionists Day

Saying Hi

May 8th is National Receptionists Day, a chance to show your receptionist how essential they are to the success of your business. Receptionists are the voice of your company and your brand. They are often responsible for the first impression callers have of your company. They can win over first time callers with their charm. They can deescalate high tension callers before they are transferred to a customer service representative. They keep your company running.

We’re so thankful for receptionists and everything they do for businesses. After all, it’s what our company is built on! We see firsthand, everyday, how much power our virtual receptionists have to make a business successful. So, in honor of National Receptionists Day, we asked 5 of our own amazing virtual receptionists to share their insights and offer advice to help other receptionists perform to the highest standard every day.

What is the biggest challenge you face as a receptionist? How do you overcome it?

What do you feel is the most important part of your job?

What advice do you have for receptionists today?

So on Friday, May 10th, in honor of National Receptionist Day, recognize everything your receptionists do to help your business grow!

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