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Answer It: The 17 Most Famous Phones From TV And Movies

Batman & Robin On The Bat Phone

Here at Specialty Answering Service, phones are our livelihood. We believe having a live receptionist answering your calls does more than elevate a business – it becomes inseparable from great customer service. This idea carries over to film and television where iconic phones become part of the story. Whether it’s Batman’s Batphone or Derek Zoolander’s oh-so-tiny cell phone, it’s hard to imagine these movies and TV shows without their iconic telephones. Below, we look at the 17 best phones in TV and cinematic history. Enjoy!

#1. The Bat Phone

Where it appeared: Batman

Sure, you can get Batman’s attention with the bat signal. However, if you’re in the know, then you know that calls for help always originated from the bat phone.

#2. Sony Ericsson Phone

Where it appeared: James Bond

James Bond is a cool cat with a lot of gadgets, so it’s only right for him to have a cool phone too.

#3. Eyephone

Where it appeared: Futurama

What’s better than an iPhone? An EYEphone (minus the painful installation).

#4. Phone Booth Time Machine

Where it appeared: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Don’t you wish you could go back in time and stop yourself from buying those MC Hammer pants? With Bill & Ted’s phone booth time machine, you can!

#5. Tiny Phone

Where it appeared: Zoolander

The chances of losing your phone are high, but look how cute it is!

#6. Gigantic Phone

Where it appeared: Zoolander 2

When small phones become retro, phones as big as a cargo container are all the rage.

#7. Shoe Phone

Where it appeared: Get Smart

Secret agents need secret devices. Although, having to take your shoe off every time the phone rings doesn’t seem that convenient.

#8. The Communicator

Where it appeared: Star Trek

“Beam me up, Scotty!”

#9. See-through Phone

Where it appeared: Clarissa Explains it All

Hands down the coolest phone from the 90’s.

#10. Hamburger Phone

Where it appeared: Juno

On an important phone call but getting hangry? Just take a bite out of your hamburger phone!

#11. Shell Phone

Where it appeared: Spongebob

“Shello? Clam you hear me?”

#12. Duck Phone

Where it appeared: Jersey Shore

Duck phones aren’t all they’re quacked up to be…

#13. Football Phone

Where it appeared: Friends

Imagine being rewarded for noticing extra money in your account with even more money and a football phone. Score!

#14. Morpheus Phone

Where it appeared: The Matrix

Not sure which pill to take? Just call up your mom on the Morpheus phone and ask her.

#15. Brick Phone

Where it appeared: Saved by the Bell

Before mobile phones could fit in your pocket and when mullets were still cool.

#16. Top Secret Gadget Phone

Where it appeared: Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget never had to worry about misplacing his phone – It was attached to his hand!

#17. Suitcase Phone

Where it appeared: Lethal Weapon

Roger Murtaugh is too old for his job, and his phone is too old for everyone.

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