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Bad customer service video clips.

Road Trip Hotatio Sanz licking toast

At some point or another, everyone has a bad customer service experience. It may be offensive, embarrassing, or upsetting, and has the ability to turn an otherwise peaceful day into a disaster. And anyone who’s been on the receiving end of an employee’s rude or lackadaisical service knows how much it stinks. Unless you are an insult comic, it is your job to ensure that customers are served promptly and efficiently, all while maintaining a polite, professional demeanor. Here are 30 great customer service videos of everything you shouldn’t do when it comes to customer care and on the job performance.


Problem – Acting out in anger towards the customer with deliberate, destructive behavior

Resolution – If something a customer said has upset you and you don’t feel as though you can assist them without bias or incident, then address the issue professionally by bringing in your supervisor. That’s what you would want a service representative or waiter to do, rather than wondering what might be hiding in your tuna salad.

Road Trip: French Toast Scene

It Could Happen to You: Dinner Scene

No Reservations: Rare Steak Scene


Problem – Taking advantage of the customer by price gouging or changing previously agreed upon rates

Resolution – Discuss your rates with customers up front, before performing the service, and give customers ample notice of rate increases. It is dishonest and unprofessional to upcharge at the last minute, unless there is a significant unforeseen issue that complicated the job. Every customer should be billed fairly and consistently so that there will be no surprises on their bill once service is complete.

Chevy Commercial: The Babysitter

Seinfeld: The Soup Nazi

National Lampoon’s Vacation: The Car Mechanic Scene

Ghostbusters: Hotel Ballroom Scene


Problem – Making unwelcome verbal advances towards the customer, creating a physically hostile environment, or giving preferred treatment to customers based on appearance

Resolution – It’s not only ethically wrong to violate a customer’s personal space or speak to them in a derogatory manner, but it could also get you sued. Always observe The Golden Rule when conducting business: do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.

Money Pit: Sleazy Carpenter Scene

Airplane: Hysterical Passenger Slapping Scene

Mad TV: Club Mystique Scene


Problem – Conducting personal business while on the clock

Resolution – It’s a simple rule. Keep your work life and professional life separate. If you need to make or take phone calls during your shift, try to do this on break time. Otherwise, limit call time and ensure that there is adequate coverage so as not to inconvenience the customer. In the event you need to cancel an appointment with a client, provide sufficient notice and attempt to reschedule immediately. Patrons are entitled to high quality service, and positive experiences encourage repeat business.

Mad TV: King Burger Scene

Planes Trains and Automobiles: Car rental Scene

Because I Said So: Therapy Scene

The American President: Flower Shop Scene


Problem – Discriminating against clients based on appearance or perceived flaw, and exhibiting rude, condescending behavior or language

Resolution – Discrimination is offensive no matter what the situation. All people deserve to be treated with the same level of respect and dignity regardless of appearance, race, color, creed, or disability. So adopt a non-judgmental attitude in your dealings with customers, and monitor your words, tone of voice, and your facial expressions do, too.

Billy Madison: Dumber Scene

Freaky Friday: Therapy Scene

Pretty Woman: Shopping Scene

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: Abe Froman Restaurant Scene


Problem – Producing confusion and difficulty for the customer by not listening closely to their needs, ignoring their wishes entirely, or not being able to communicate easily in their primary language

Resolution – Practice attentive listening skills. Communication is just as much, if not more, about listening as speaking. What a customer says is important, but you can also infer a great deal by paying attention to their tone of voice (via phone, this is all you have to go on), facial expressions, and body language. In addition, when employing a call center to manage your phones, choose a U.S.-based service. Outsourcing overseas is just one more barrier to fluid communication.

Seinfeld: Car Reservation Scene

Seinfeld: Chinese Restaurant Scene

Knocked Up: Giving Birth Scene

Apple: Mac vs. PC Commercial

1st Bank: Outsourcing Commercial


Problem – Diminishing the quality of your product or service

Resolution – When you slight your own abilities or try to push products and services onto customers, it says two things: either your service is substandard or your product is, and you’re desperate to move it. Learn how to market your product. Instead, discuss your strengths, and tell potential customers what sets you apart from competitors. Explain the pros of working with your business, and give prospects your undivided attention, whether you make the sale or not.

The Princess Bride: Miracle Max Scene

Analyze This: Car Salesman Scene


Problem – Unwillingness to assist with the customer complaint resolution process, focusing on speed rather than quality of service, blatant disregard for responsibilities and procedures

Resolution – You may not like your job, but you need it, or you wouldn’t be there. Put your best foot forward no matter the task. If there is a fast, easy way to resolve a complaint and it won’t inconvenience you, then do it. There is no room for laziness when it comes to customer care, so whenever possible, try to accommodate the customer’s request. Conversely, don’t sacrifice topnotch service for excessive speed. Attention to detail is essential to produce the best product or service possible. Take pride in your work.

Seinfeld: How to Look Busy Scene

You’ve Got Mail: Grocery Store Scene

Better Off Dead: Paperboy Scene

Better Off Dead: Mailman Scene


Problem – Long wait times, cutting the caller off mid-sentence, poor listening skills in communication, using offensive language, insulting the customer, passing the buck on complaint resolution, inciting an argument instead of de-escalating the disgruntled caller

Resolution – There are a few tips on good customer service here, but aside from that, this is a “how-to” advertisement for the worst customer care ever. In any communication with your customers, remember to say please, thank you, and you’re welcome. And do the opposite of practically everything in this clip.

Mad TV: Cable TV Scene

While we can’t add face-to-face interaction to our service roster, the SAS team is dedicated to making each interaction an example of the best customer service experience. When you are ready to talk about outsourcing customer service, give us a buzz. It’s way better than taking your chances with employees like the ones portrayed above.

If we missed any bad customer service video clips, please leave a comment below!

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