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Call Center Crossword Crunch

Crossword Puzzle

You’ve taken our quizzes, you’ve read our coloring book, now see if you can complete our crossword puzzle! We’ve put together a challenging call center themed crossword puzzle for anyone who thinks they know a thing or three about the call center industry. Check out the puzzle below and find the crossword clues at the bottom of the page. Don’t want to write the answers on your screen? Probably not the best idea, so definitely download the crossword puzzle instead of defacing your computer.



2 An outsourced business solution
6 An abbreviation for a software that manages customer relationships
7 An abbreviation for an auto attendant feature
8 Medical term to maintain patient privacy
9 The company that owned the first call center
11 A charity event that incurs a lot of phone calls
13 The state with the largest number of call centers


1 A common device used for communicating
3 An office employee that primarily answers phones
4 Sending messages to an on-call rotation
5 What call center agents follow when handling calls
10 Call center employee
12 What operators wear to handle calls
14 A way in which to send your calls elsewhere


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