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4 Tips for Easy Breezy On-Call Scheduling!

Call Center Scheduling Software

Stressing out over updating your on-call schedule? Great news! The SAS on-call schedule creator makes building reach, warm patch, cold patch, and email on-call work schedules a breeze. Keep reading to get the scoop on 4 cool features that come stock with our call center scheduling tool and build your rotations like a pro!

Problem: It takes too long to recreate a schedule over and over.

Solution: Why fret? Use Quick set.

Problem: I wish I could just glance at the schedule and know who is on-call.

Solution: Color your world with Label settings.

Problem: It would be much easier if I could use an on-call schedule template to add multiple contacts at the same time.

Solution: Don’t fly solo. Join a Group.

Problem: I might forget to update my schedule.

Solution: Expiration alerts will keep you on your toes.

The SAS on-call rotation software is a free scheduling software for all Specialty Answering Service clients. Next time you update your on-call schedule, lend yourself a hand by testing out one of the convenience features above. And happy scheduling!

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