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Diary of a wimpy answering service.

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Shopping around for an answering service, or thinking of switching from the service you currently use? As technology advances and customers’ needs become more complex, you would be remiss if you didn’t consider an advanced call center to support your business. Here are four reasons why a wimpy answering service simply won’t do.

Reason #1

Wimpy: You have to rely on your callers to tell you how your service is doing.

Advanced: You have access to all call recordings so that you can monitor quality control and address service issues daily.

Reason #2

Wimpy: Keeping protected health information protected isn’t a top priority.

Advanced: HIPAA compliance and ISO 27001 certification make security a primary concern, ensuring that patients’ personal information only reaches the intended party.

Reason #3

Wimpy: Barney Fife and Rosco P. Coltrane are manning the front door.

Advanced: A sophisticated security system means that no one gains entry into the call center without a key fob, visitors must sign in, operators do not have access to call logs after a transaction is complete, and PCI compliance keeps all financial data under wraps.

Reason #4

Wimpy: After-hours, there’s only one operator manning the fort.

Advanced: A significant number of operators on staff during peak hours, and a proportionate number of operators off-peak, translates to reduced hold times and happier customers.

Need more reasons to go advanced? Take a look at why Specialty Answering Service is right for your business, or give our Sales department a call at 1-888-532-4794!

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