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Comparing PBX providers.

Compare PBX Providers

What’s worse than researching PBX providers for your new office telephone system? Deciding on a new PBX phone system without referencing our easy to follow infographic for one!

We love business phone systems; especially when those systems route to our call centers when your own staff is unavailable. Shameless plug for our service aside (using our service with your PBX is easy and you should absolutely do it), we’ve really jam packed the infographic below with some stellar information.

Everything you’ve every wanted to know about private branch exchanges has been researched, digitized, drawn, illustrated, and presented on an amazing web poster. We tell you about the advantages of PBX, different features, definitions you are going to need when dealing with salesmen, and pros and cons of 8 popular providers.

If you aren’t a picture person, you can visit our resource page where we compare PBX phone systems and service providers using a lot more words and a lot less pictures. It’s arguably not as fun, but does have more information than we could fit in the above infographic.

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