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Infographic explaining PCI compliance in call centers.

PCI security in call centers

The 3-letter acronym, PCI, stands for Payment Card Industry. Complying with PCI rules and regulations is mandatory for any retailer or organization that transmits or stores protected cardholder data such as credit card and personal identification numbers (PINs). So in theory, anytime you have ever made a purchase using your credit card, whether it’s a pack of gum at the 7-11 or a 10-carat Cartier diamond ring, your information should have been under lock and key.

Seeing as how more than 500 million records containing sensitive information have been breached in the past decade (Target, Michaels), PCI compliance is of the utmost importance when it comes to safeguarding consumers against the criminal masterminds who spend their days fishing for ways to hack into retailers’ databases.

Call center companies may be especially susceptible to these kinds of cyber-attacks because typically, call centers manage and transmit information for a multitude of different businesses.

If you would like to learn more about PCI compliance & call centers, please read our PCI compliance white paper. The more you know about keeping consumers’ data safe and sound, the more easily you can monitor your business and employees for adherence to current laws. You’ll sleep better knowing you are as prepared as possible, and consumers will sleep better knowing that you have their back!

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