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Infographic explaining workforce management software.

A boss managing an employee

Let’s play a game. How many hours a day do you actually work at work? Give yourself 10 points if you said you work 8 hours or more. Give yourself 5 points if you said you are putting in a concerted effort at least 4 hours out of the day. And give yourself 1 point if you said you do the bare minimum, just enough to ensure you still get a paycheck. We’re hoping that no one scored less than 5 points, and in fact, we’re banking on everyone getting the full 10 points for stellar workplace performance! With so many employees making up their hours as they go along, what is an employer to do? Enter the slacker employee’s Public Enemy #1: workforce management software.

Agent management applications are frequently used in call centers as a means to improve call center metrics. By tracking agents’ performance, creating staffing models, and improving customer satisfaction, management software can increase overall productivity in your contact center while ensuring optimal customer care in every transaction. Monitoring call reporting, call recording, and screen capture allows supervisors to find out how many calls agents are taking, how long they spend on each call, how many minutes they are idle, etc. and can be used to check in on agents who work from home in virtual call centers.

Agent management software can keep you on track and even give you a head’s up on ways that you can improve performance. Want to know more? Dig deeper into workforce management software here!

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