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Infographic: All about Call Routing & ACD Technology

Call Routing Infographic

Way back in the day, before automatic call distribution technologies evolved, calls used to be manually routed by operators working massive switchboards – so gigantor and with so many lines that many switchboard supervisors had to wear roller skates to get around faster! Sadly, the days of roller skating supervisors are long gone. (The office would be so much more fun on 8 wheels!) But call routing is bigger and better than ever.

Today, ACD software and skills-based routing help calls get from A to B in a flash, and callers’ issues are handled by the most knowledgeable customer service representatives for the job. It’s a far cry from switchboard operators and manual connection, and decidedly more efficient. Here’s a fun infographic to help you explore the wide world of modern call routing.

Want to learn more about call routing and ACD technology? Get your read on with this white paper!

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A History of Call Routing

Did you know that the first call routing systems involved live operators manually connecting calls on a switchboard? But the drawbacks were:

Later automation began in the form of: Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Learn About Today’s ACD Technology

Current ACD routing has drastically improved. ACD offers reporting capabilities such as:

#1. The role of ACD is to route incoming calls in the following situations:

#2. Direct Call Routing

#3. Remote Routing

ACDs in Call Centers

Call centers use ACD technology to improve efficiency by:

Identifying Types of Call Centers

#1. Outbound Call Centers

#2. Virtual Call Centers

#3. Inbound Call Centers

#4. Fully Integrated Call Centers

What is Skills Based Routing?

Skills Based Routing is simply the process of directing calls to the most qualified agents. Incoming calls are placed in call groups based on:

But how is the appropriate call representative chosen?

What are the benefits of ACD systems? They can:

Customer Service is Key!

ACD technology can offer:

About ACD Functions & Features

#1. Advanced Functions

#2. Basic Functions

All of these features come standard with ACD software:

ACD Vendors

#1. Database Systems Corp. (DSC)

#2. InContact


#4. CosmoCom’s Universe

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