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Infographic: Interactive Voice Response – A Call Center’s Best Friend

Learn About IVR Systems Infographic

When you call your TV service to find out why cable is on the fritz and hear, “For Service, say ‘Service,’ or press 1,” that’s Interactive Voice Response or IVR for short. Basically, IVR allows a combination of voice and keypad responses to get callers where they want to go. IVR makes it super easy for call centers to filter calls and route them to the appropriate person or department. It can also do a lot on its own so that the caller doesn’t always need to be transferred (think account balances, paying bills, etc.). But outside of the call center environment, it isn’t necessarily well-liked.

Despite the ubiquitous nature of IVR, much like a technological pariah, IVR is shunned by many consumers. But IVR is not going away anytime soon. The goal is to develop IVR in such a way that makes it a plus instead of a minus. Here’s a great infographic giving you a glimpse into the history and evolution of Interactive Voice Response!

Read our extended resource to learn more about how IVR works and how it’s used by call centers.

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