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Learn About Telemarketing Infographic.

Learn About Telemarketing Infographic

Telemarketing may seem like an annoying thing that companies do at the most inconvenient times (like when you’re playing the speed round on Family Feud while cooking dinner), but it’s actually a great tool for companies to utilize for several different reasons. Whether you’re a small business looking for feedback on your first major campaign, or a non-profit that just needs some extra fundraising support, outbound call centers or answering services that offer outbound calling are a helpful, affordable alternative than making all of those calls yourself.  If you’re not familiar with telemarketing, check out our infographic!

Read our extended resource to learn more about telemarketing and how it’s used by call centers. If you’re writing about telemarketing on your own website, please copy the code below to use this infographic:

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Outbound contact centers are mainly used for 3 types of applications:

  1. Customer service
  2. Telemarketing (sales)
  3. Collections

Within the telemarketing umbrella there are different types of outbound calls:

Contact centers can be classified in various ways:

Brick and Mortar vs. At Home

Using at home agents is a major trend in telemarketing, but it has it’s risks:

Outbound vs. Inbound vs. Mixed

It is best to have dedicated agents handle outbound telemarketing initiatives.

Telemarketing Business Practices

List Management: Maintaining the list of prospects is a key step in the telemarketing process.

Telemarketing Applications: Telemarketing may be used for various business needs such as:

Telemarketing Challenges: List quality is an important parameter for telemarketing success.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Since telemarketing is a form of sales, it is essential to monitor and measure metrics on a periodic basis. Some metrics to measure include:

Best Practices in Telemarketing

Choosing a Telemarketing Partner

Factors to consider when hiring a telemarketing call center:

Data Handling:

Quality Assurance:

Monitoring and Reporting:


Telemarketing has evolved considerably in the past decade, but the fundamentals remain the same. With telemarketing, the contact center is a direct partner for the business and not just a vendor. As a result, the contact center will have to show the same commitment to the telemarketing program, monitoring and measuring it to ensure a successful campaign.

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