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Meet the Voder

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With Autumn peaking her fuzzy little head through the changing leaves, Specialty Answering Service is starting to get in the Halloween spirit. What better way to celebrate all things spooky, than by creating a website totally dedicated to The Voder! What is the Voder you ask? Good question. The Voder was the world’s first electronic voice synthesizer created by Homer Dudley working out of Bell Labs in the late 1930’s. The machine could imitate the sounds made from the human vocal tract. Explore the website and take a listen – it’s super creepy.

While The Voder machine doesn’t look like a creepy robot in any way, the noises it was able to produce say otherwise. If you don’t believe us, check out the website for yourself @! Beware, the sounds you are about to hear are spooky (look out for Mary and her lamb), and may incur nightmares. You’ve been warned!

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