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SAS celebrates the 40th birthday of the first cell phone call.

Cell Phone Evolution

We couldn’t let the 40th anniversary of the first cell phone call go by without a graphical homage to the greatest advancement in communications technology since Alexander Graham Bell made “two cups and a string” obsolete.

Much like Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell, we love the cell phone. Without it, we couldn’t dispatch messages to your on the go staff or make small businesses operating from a cell phone look bigger.

Kudos to you, cell phone, for making our role as a telephone answering service totally integrated with businesses. Because of you, the on-call staff of the world is free to roam the planet and engage with society. No more being trapped at home waiting for the phone to ring. No more cursing your boss because you were scheduled as the emergency contact person over New Year’s Eve 1985.

To celebrate the cell phone turning 40, we present you with our poster showcasing its evolution from a 45 pound / 3 minute battery life brick to the all powerful iPhone. Enjoy!

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