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Surviving In A Call Center: 5 Essential Hacks to Trick Out Your Cubicle

Call Center Stress

Being a virtual receptionist is an important job. As the first live point of contact for customer support, you are the person responsible for the first impression, and sometimes the only voice the customers will ever hear from the company you’re representing. And while you’ll leave most calls feeling great, not every interaction is going to be filled with sunshine.  There are aspects of being a virtual receptionist that definitely aren’t for everyone. The job takes patience, understanding, and the ability to adapt quickly to address the callers needs. To thrive in a call center environment, it takes the right tools – and by tools, we mean you need to turn your cubicles into your happy place. To that end, we’ve road-mapped virtual receptionist happiness into 5 parts of tricking out your cube: relieve your stress, use post it notes and posters, get cozy, know your time-zones, and have written goals.

#1. Don’t stress! Keep some items at your desk to stay calm

The hardest aspect of being a customer service rep is having to deal with upset customers. A customer service rep’s job is to diffuse a situation so that they can take down the caller’s information to get the message into the right hands. However, when someone is yelling at you for circumstances beyond your control, it can be hard not to take it personally.

Keeping calm in these types of situations can sometimes feel impossible. Luckily, we’ve found 14 products to help you stay calm. Check out the list below broken down by noise level:

Quiet: These products are safe to use when the caller is on the phone.

Be Careful: These products should be used with caution when you have a live caller on the line.

Only When You’re Not on the Phone: These products are super loud. Definitely don’t use them when someone is on the line.

#2. Trouble remembering protocol? Phone numbers? Post It!

Forgetting stuff? There’s a post-it for that. Having the written reminder in front of you not only helps you in the moment, but looking at the reminder every day will help register the instructions in your mind. In addition to instructions for certain accounts, CSR’s can use their Post Its to help them remember things like:

Some of our favorite Post It Notes include:

And if you’re looking for a ready made custom sticky note for your own cubicle, check out the downloads below that are sure to ‘stick up’ for you when you need a smile. See the 5 sticky notes below and download the original vector (Adobe Illustrator) file here to make changes or print them up on your own!

#3. Make it cozy and comfortable

CSRs are going to spend 99% of their jobs in their cubicle or behind a desk, so it’s important to take the time to make your work space your own. Just like you jazz up your home to make it cozy, tricking out your cubicle is just as important. Just like the Spice Girls said – spice up your life!

Having pictures of family and friends is a must. Other decorations like plants or souvenirs from a favorite vacation can help a CSR channel their happy place. If your office is a bit chilly, keeping a warm fuzzy blanket around can also help. Believe it or not, when you smile while on the phone, your positive energy radiates through and can help create a successful interaction.

Here are some of our favorite desk decor:

#4. Time zone map or area code list

As an operator, you’re answering for thousands of calls a day. One minute you could be answering calls from a business in Ohio and the next call could be from California. Having a time zone map readily available at your desk can help you determine what time zone callers are located in from a quick glance, which could help save you from saying “good morning” to a caller who has already eaten lunch.

For businesses that don’t want their customers to know they are outsourcing calls to an answering service, something as simple as saying “good morning” when they should be saying “good afternoon” can be the mistake that gives them away. Being knowledgeable about where customers are calling from can help a virtual receptionist blend into their environment to give off a more localized presence.

We’ve created a beautiful Time Zone map of the United States that you can feel free to use online, or print to use at work or at your own cubicle. The map shows the 6 time zones for the United States and is available to download in .PDF format, .JPG format, and .AI (vector) format. The 6 time zones are Hawaii (UTC -10:00), Alaska (UTC-09:00), Pacific (UTC-08:00), Mountain (UTC-07:00), Central (UTC-06:00), and Eastern (UTC-05:00).

#5. Written goals

Everyone is always working towards something. Whether you’re trying to save up to purchase that new car, or maybe you’d like to win employee of the month, setting goals can be a great motivator. People who give themselves short term and long term goals that are posted in a visible place will be more encouraged to continue working hard even when the going gets tough. Seeing these goals every day can give you something to work toward and, overall, will make you want to push harder. Plus, just like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, the reward at the end is always worth it!

Here are some recommendations for setting up a goal attributed work atmosphere:

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