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Video of a man spending 100 years on hold.

Old Man Stuck On Hold

We’ve all been there. By “there,” I mean the void between calling a business to get help and being stuck on hold. For an eternity. Then having the phone just hang up. Like, really, that just happened? Yeah, it did. Bottom line: holds stink.

Whether you’re trying to make an appointment with your doctor, or you’re trying to reach Comcast’s customer support because there’s a movie that you definitely didn’t order on your bill, chances are you’re going to wait on hold for what probably feels like forever.

Specialty Answering Service hates waiting on hold as much as the next guy or gal, which is why we’ve employed over 300 professionally trained operators to monitor the phones 24/7. So, out goes missing calls and leads, and in comes happy customers and more business!

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