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5 Tips to Make The Best Telephone Answering Service Scripts

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When it comes to creating the ideal answering service script, it can be a little challenging to know exactly what to include. For certain businesses, basic information is perfectly fine. But what if you require the operators to ask multiple screening questions? Should your script include every last tidbit of information you need ? Are some questions better left for your own staff to handle?

How can you pull together a script that will gather the right answers, maintain call flow, and provide the operators with the information they need to make the virtual receptionist experience effortless? We’ve boiled down years of experience into 5 tips for creating the best telephone answering service scripts.

What you’ll need:

  1. A clear greeting
  2. Key information
  3. Message delivery method
  4. Time to monitor your account
  5. Fresh, up-to-date details

Step 1: First, start with a clear greeting, and stir in a direct question.

The first ingredient to a great message is a live greeting that will help the operator steer the call. You want your greeting to have an introduction followed by a direct question that will guide an agent down a specific script path. Following are a few examples of successful introductions:

Step 2: Fold in key information, and don’t over mix!

In addition, limiting your script to simple questions is always the right idea. Ask for information that callers can easily provide, and avoid complex questions that can be answered later. This ensures that calls flow smoothly, are handled in an appropriate length of time, and you have the necessary information to get the ball rolling with the caller.

Stick to basics such as:

Step 3: Pour into a pre-set message delivery method.

Every good script should include a foolproof way to receive messages. Since adding different ways to retrieve your messages is free with SAS, we recommend receiving your messages by email and text to make sure nothing is overlooked. If you’d like, operators can also reach out to you by phone, either via a warm transfer or a reach on-call.

Going one step further, if you’re already using helpdesk or CRM software to manage leads, and you basically live inside those programs for the better part of your business day, then we can also push messages directly to the applications that you use the most. Some of the more common applications offered are:

For a complete list of tutorials that will show you how to configure the available integrations in SAS Desk, visit our helpdesk.

Step 4: Bake 24 hours a day, and check regularly.

When you bake cookies, your goal is to eat them. When operators take messages, your goal is to read them. Monitor your account online, or use the answering service mobile app to review message details and listen to call recordings. It’s also beneficial to create custom call status labels, which will help you differentiate the calls that you’ve sifted through from those that still need to be addressed. With custom labels, your call log is as organized as a well-set table. And if there were calls you feel could have been handled better, add a special label for quick reference. Then, when you have time, rate the operators.

Step 5: Whip up fresh details, and garnish as needed.

Last, but not least, no one wants an out-of-date script or list of FAQs, especially not our operators. When it comes to call handling, fresh is best. The online portal allows hands-on control of your information so that you can keep call handling current. On-call changes, message delivery, and script updates are all at your fingertips. Here are a few things that you may need to update, depending on your industry:

Need some help? No problem. Contact our Customer Support team. If you’ve already created a call center script sample, we can build your script to match. Alternately, we would be happy to schedule a review of your existing script. At Specialty Answering Service, your success is our success – so let’s cook up something great together!

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