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Specialty Answering Service’s FTC robocall challenge entry.

FTC Robocall Entry

When the FTC announced a $50,000 prize last October for the best proposal to block robocalls, we were thrilled! We welcome any opportunity to stop automation in favor of live operator interaction; plus we love a good challenge!

Figuring out how to stop robocalls wasn’t easy. Our telecommunications engineers dropped everything and worked feverishly night and day to come up with a universal robocall blocker. We toyed around with various robocall filtering systems, blacklisting with data being pulled from a dynamically updated list, and caller ID spoof detection.

Fast forward to last week when the winners circle was announced. Unfortunately our idea didn’t win “Best Overall Solution” or the honorary “Federal Trade Commission Technology Achievement Award.”

While our ‘software’ may not be Federal Trade Commission Challenge worthy, we still think it’s a pretty good idea. Please see our entry below and let us know what you think!

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