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Who Is Ronald A. Katz infographic.

Known as the granddaddy of call center technology, Ronald A. Katz invented many of the technology call centers use today like Automatic Call Distributions (ACD), Speech Recognition and Computer Telephone Integration (CTI). However, while he is widely known for his contributions to the call center industry, he may be more notorious for his legal maneuverings.

Katz has over 50 patents, but spends most of his time making money through lawsuits. In fact, he is currently earning between 1 and 2 billion off of various patents and lawsuits. Essentially, if a company is using technology that he created and is not paying licensing fees, chances are they will feel the wrath of Katz and suffer the due consequences (aka, they’re gonna get sued). For more information on Ronald A. Katz, his inventions, and how to protect yourself against him, continue reading our infographic.

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Who is Ronald A. Katz?

Born in 1936, Katz invented many of the call center technologies used today such as:

But he wasn’t just an inventor! He also:

Katz’s Patents

Defenses Against Katz

You got sued by Katz. Now what? Here are some negotiation strategies:

The most common defenses against Katz lawsuits are:

Katz’s Famous Lawsuits

Katz filed over 100 lawsuits in federal district courts against come big named companies like:

What Can we Learn From Katz?

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