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Do robots make good receptionists?

Robot Receptionist

What happens when you let a robot answer your phones? The simple answer is, nothing good. Even if it’s a super friendly virtual robot like Siri or Alexa, there are just some things that robots can’t do. Let’s start with empathy, for one. How can a robot address an upset caller? If the caller is confused, will the computer lady in the phone understand the caller’s query? Um, not so much.

If you’re talking about basic data retrieval, e.g., account balances, paying bills, etc., automated call center systems will get the job done. Sure, they lack a personal touch, but for some callers, they don’t have time for pleasantries and would rather punch in a few buttons, and move on to the next task. But the question is, if you’re a business owner, do you want to be known for impersonal service or for having the most amazing receptionists that the world has to offer? We’re guessing you’d prefer the latter.

Live agents can sense emotion and respond accordingly. Live agents can joke with customers and keep the conversation light. Live agents can explain things to callers that robots can’t, and more importantly, their faces won’t melt off during a call!

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