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10 Ways SAS Can Help Keep you Busy During the COVID-19 Quarantine

Bored at Home

The coronavirus outbreak has created a lot of problems, and everyone is looking for a quick end to get back to normal. The one thing we can all do right now to make sure that happens is to practice social distancing. That means staying at home to keep the virus from rapidly spreading to our friends, families, and coworkers.

While staying home sounds easy, it’s not. It’s pretty hard to spend all of your time in isolation. However, just because you can’t go into work or school doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun and be productive.

If you’re looking for some fun things to do (or at least to keep you distracted) during the lock down, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite blog posts. Below you’ll find engaging activities like trivia and crossword puzzles, some educational pieces like learning the history of the answering machine, and just some funny, lighthearted ones sprinkled in between!

  1. The Ultimate Novelty Phone Guide: Take a walk down memory lane and check out these awesome novelty phones. You’ll have a blast reminiscing and if you feel the urge to splurge, we’ve included links where you can still buy them.
  2. Call Center Crossword Crunch: Keep your brain active and challenge yourself to a crossword puzzle all about call centers. Don’t worry, we’ve included  all the answers in case you need a hint or two.
  3. Learn How to Make an Origami Telephone: Practice your fine motor skills and jump into the world of Origami! After you’ve made your own telephone, check out some other tutorials online. (Pro tip: if you don’t have Origami paper, don’t worry! Just cut a regular piece of computer paper down to the suggested dimensions.)
  4. Telephone Trivia: Do you know how much the first telephone weighed? Test your trivia skills with our telephone quiz!
  5. Live Answering Service Coloring Book: Coloring is a nice, relaxing way to kill time and get creative. Our coloring book is for everyone, so feel free to use it to keep your kids busy, too! (Pro tip: check out our Night Before Christmas Coloring Book for some more fun.)
  6. A Free Printable Phone Themed Matching Pairs Memory Game: Remember those memory games you used to play as a kid? Well this is like that, only better. Our telephone match game will have you so entertained you forgot you were even in quarantine!
  7. The History of the Answering Machine: What was once a staple appliance in almost every home in the late 80’s and 90’s has just about become obsolete. Learn all about the history of the answering machine here.
  8. The 17 Most Famous Phones from TV and Movies: Are you a movie buff? Then we bet you’ll love this blog that lists the most iconic telephones in cinematic history. Did we miss any? Let us know @SpecialtyAnswer on Twitter.
  9. Meet the Voder: Learn all about the first voice synthesizer on our website dedicated to The Voder. (Pro tip: Turn your volume up!)
  10. Surviving in a Call Center: 5 Essential Hacks to Trick Out Your Cubicle: Bookmark this one for when you’re finally able to return to work or school. Even if you don’t work in a call center, these tips will help turn your boring workspace into a calming, chill environment that encourages success!
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