Whistleblower hotline services.

Your employees need a safe way to report workplace misconduct.You need a service you can trust to keep their calls confidential.

A whistleblower hotline is an essential tool that can help businesses with corporate governance. Every industry requires a method for reporting incidents that occur in the workplace, but many employees remain silent in fear of retaliation for their honesty. Having a method that is safe and secure is vital for employees and stakeholders, and can ultimately protect both the employer and the employee in cases of misconduct. That is where Specialty’s whistleblower hotline service comes in.

Fraud affects 40% of small businesses. 2% report it. For big and small firms alike, employees need a confidential way to report misconduct. For about $1 a day, SAS can help.

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1 in 5 American workers possesses personal knowledge of workplace fraud and abuse, and 39% of all workers would be more inclined to report fraud if they had an avenue to remain anonymous. Having a whistleblower hotline in place isn’t just good ethics; it’s good business. SAS’ whistleblower hotline can help you eliminate dishonesty in the workplace and empower your employees through our secure technology.

How It Works.

Our whistleblower service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Whenever and whatever your employees need to report, our live-voice customer service representatives are working and ready to respond. Reporting outlets are continuously monitored, maintaining security and anonymity for your callers. We can provide:

  • Telephone Monitoring: We will supply you with a unique telephone number, and calls are handled within the framework designed by your company. Reporters’ anonymity is guaranteed, and comprehensive reports are provided without any human interference.
  • Email Monitoring: We can create an email address for your organization that will route directly to our agents, allowing your employees to make confidential reports without the fear of emails being intercepted.
  • Specialty Hotlines: There are a variety of regulatory agencies that may require a reporting hotline. We can coordinate with entities such as OSHA, the SEC for Sarbanes-Oxley violations, the FDA, FAA, and the DOD.

The Benefits.

94.9% of businesses have some form of a fraud hotline in place. By teaming up with your existing staff, we will ensure that your business is at the forefront of hotline reporting. We can create a space for your employees to share information, giving them the peace of mind in knowing that they will remain unidentified, and benefiting your business in the process.

  • Reduced Incidents: Educating employees about the hotline and encouraging its use in your organization will discourage unwanted behaviors among employees.
  • Early Detection: Without the fear of retaliation, employees are more likely to report wrongdoing sooner. This speed can limit the company’s liability for issues like harassment and discrimination claims.
  • Improved Reputation: An internal outlet for reporting can reduce the likelihood that employees will vent their frustrations outside of your business’ walls, via social media and other outlets.
  • Increased Reported Information: When there are no names required, employees can share all of their concerns without worrying about the interpersonal relationships of the workplace.

Start protecting your business and your employees. Make the call today, and find out how we can provide a low cost answering service solution for the safety and security of your company. We are confident in the services we provide, and we want you to feel the same way. That is why we offer a 2-week free trial. Experience the difference that the right national call center can make in your day-to-day operations. Specialty is the leading whistleblower hotline service, making convenient, anonymous reporting accessible to everyone in your employ.

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