Our features don’t ring busy.

Whether you’re a small business or a global company, our virtual receptionists can help you at every stage of business development.

Businesses and professionals have a variety of options in choosing an answering service. Gone are the days where the decision to choose an outsource provider was limited by geography. Today any business can use any answering service in the nation. With so many choices available, why should an office choose Specialty?

Engage with your customers 24/7
Engage with your customers 24/7.

  • 24/7 Live Answering Service

    Give your customers the choice of when to call you. Specialty is a 24 hour answering service that allows your customers to connect with you any time of day, on their schedule, and always be greeted by a live receptionist ready to help.

  • After Hours Answering

    If you’re good handling calls during business hours, you need an after hours answering service to help you out after hours. With operators available around the clock, you can forward your telephones to us whenever you aren’t available.

  • 24/7 Lead Capture

    Gather all the relevant details you need from prospects without ever picking up the phone. Live receptionists are always available to get the data you need and transfer hot leads to your closers.

Toll free numbers help increase sales
Toll free numbers help increase sales.

  • Inbound Sales

    Custom scripting lets you provision your SAS line however you need to streamline how you’re outsourcing your calls. Let our agents take the inbound call, grab the details you need, and dispatch the call.

  • Local & Toll Free Numbers

    Support your customers wherever they are by providing them with a toll free number to contact you. Or, grab a local number for forwarding, making it easy to transfer calls to Specialty without incurring any long distance fees.

Be Big & Loud
Spend small but look big.

  • No Contract

    Outsource with confidence and reduce friction on starting a new answering service with no long term complicated service contracts. Onboard with our free trial and sign-up if you love us. If we’re ever no longer a good fit, you aren’t stuck.

  • Per Minute Pricing

    Multiple per minute pricing plans for the smallest small businesses or the largest industry monsters. Per minute pricing is never rounded up, so you’re only paying for the actual time a receptionist is handling your calls.

  • Per Call Pricing

    Per call pricing via our Essentials service for cost conscious businesses who don’t need all the fireworks included with our per minute service. You can still have our operators do a ton, like take messages and dispatch urgent calls to your staff.

  • Affordable Phone Answering

    Specialty is an amazingly affordable service. We give you multiple pricing options, both per call and per minute, and both at low affordable rates. Decide which rate structure works best for your needs and go for it!

Everything You Need
Everything you need a live answering service to do.

  • Call Center Services

    We communicate in your language. With robust call center services, we can do everything you can do in your office for a much lower cost. Telemarketing? Check. Processing orders? Check. More? Check.

  • Digital Answering Service Platform

    Equip your business with the tools you need to communicate with your customers. With our digital platform, the calls our virtual receptionists take are logged, recorded, and passed through to any app you’re already using – all within the Specialty Answering Service platform.

  • Calls Are Recorded

    With recorded calls, you’ll never have any questions about how our receptionists interacted with your customers. Listen to your calls from within the SAS portal or from your phone anytime with the SAS app.

  • Amazing Software

    Update our operators if you’re leaving the office early by updating your status, label important telephone calls for follow-up, or make changes to your script in real time without having to contact customer support. Finally, answering service software that makes sense!

  • Free App

    SAS has an amazing (and free) iPhone and Android mobile app that lets you connect with your account on the go. Capabilities include listening to calls, updating your status, running reports, texting your callers, and more.

  • Call Routing & Transfer

    Build your own messaging service by letting us know exactly how you want your calls handled. Cold transfer important calls to your employees, or screen calls with warm transfers and decide if you want to take the call or if you want our receptionists to take a message.

  • Easy On-Call Management

    Program exactly how you want our operators to reach your on-call staff up to a year in advance. Set the number of calls we’ll make, the time in between each call, and the list of employees to call depending on the type of phone call. And, you can log into your portal anytime to update your on-call schedule in real time.

  • Instant Dispatching

    System controlled dispatching eliminates human error. As soon as the operator hangs up the call, your message is instantly dispatched along via text, email or both! You can even customize the text message you receive – all right from your Specialty Answering Service portal.

  • Personalized Call Handling

    Dynamic scripts let you virtually train our virtual operators to mimic how your staff handles calls. Create different call paths and adjust the language our operators use when interacting with your clients. We’ve thrown out the cookie cutters!

  • CRM and Productivity Integrations

    Specialty has free apps and integrations available in our portal. Popular app integrations include Salesforce, Google Calendar, Lexicata, and Zendesk. Spend less time entering double data and more time engaging with your customers.

  • Review Calls & Agents Online

    Like how our virtual receptionists are handling your calls? Think they could use a few pointers? Operator Ratings let you review the answering service operators and leave notes letting them know how they’re doing and representing your brand.

  • Free Online Portal

    Know what’s going on with your Specialty Answering Service account anytime. Change your plan, run reports, change your on-call, and update your script, all on-line.

Message Taking & More
From simple message taking to complex customer service requests.

  • Lead Qualification

    Our receptionists can qualify leads according to your workflow. Preferred leads are transferred to your employees to instant close, and less important leads are logged in your portal to be contacted later.

  • Outsourcing Saves Money

    Equip your business with the tools you need to effectively communicate with your customers no matter the time. With our outsourced answering service, making sure your business is professionally represented around the clock is both attainable and affordable.

  • Innovative Solutions

    Design script customizations right within the Specialty Answering Service platform. Add different call paths, link up integrations seamlessly, implement time of day based call routing, and much more.

  • Message Taking Service

    SAS can be adapted to your needs. With complete scripting flexibility, you can have the virtual receptionists act as a message taking service just like a receptionist would in your own office. You get the flexibility to configure your own script – from simple message taking to complex interactions.

  • Compare Before You Buy

    What’s the best way to compare answering services? Reading about a service is good. Actually trying one out is far better. Test out SAS over our free trial period. Ask the right questions and get the information you need to make a better business decision before paying. Our free trial makes it easy to compare apples to apples and know if our brand of live answering service will work for your business.

We Understand You
An answering service that understands your industry.

  • Industry Specific Solutions

    Every industry has it’s own unique needs. For example, though similar, a physician answering service focuses on emergency dispatch where a medical answering service focuses on all aspects of running a medical office – like appointment scheduling and prescription refills in addition to after hours dispatch. Customize each account specific to the relevant needs of your industry, like setting up emergency on-call procedures or turning off recordings for sensitive calls.

  • Appointment Scheduling Service

    Never have an empty appointment again. Give your customers the ability to schedule appointments no matter what time they call your office. Give us access to your online calendar and Specialty Answering Service allows your customers to schedule appointments when they want.

  • HIPAA Compliant Answering

    Supporting the medical industry with worry free HIPAA compliant telephone answering. Data is securely maintained in our database and PHI is never sent over insecure channels.

  • PCI Compliant Order Taking

    Specialty ensures high security with our PCI compliant portal, network, and service. Outsource with confidence by using a product and platform that is always on high alert and protected from threats.

  • Emergency Response Service

    Specialty accounts can be modified to the needs of your business. As an emergency response service, we can follow complicated dispatching and message delivery protocols to make sure emergencies are escalated to your team quickly.

  • Outbound Telemarketing

    Use our receptionists to place outbound phone calls to your customers or prospects. Possibilities include sales, customer service follow-up, appointment confirmation and reminders, and more.

US Based Answering Service
Operators 100% based in the US.

  • A Local Answering Service

    Feel better about outsourcing your calls with one of the best local answering service companies. Get better results in outsourcing with Specialty’s US based receptionists.

  • US Based

    We’ve been supporting global businesses with our US based answering service since 1985. Our operators are centralized to the United States, making it easier to outsource with confidence.

  • Bilingual Receptionists

    As a true bilingual answering service, our receptionists can communicate in both English and Spanish. Let an up-front IVR control where the call is routed from caller input, or route calls directly to a Spanish language group.

Personalized Service
Personalize your answering service.

  • Temporary Service

    Leaving for vacation and need someone to answer your phones? Need help answering overflow calls for a promotion or telethon? No long term contracts means you can set up temporary accounts for short term use.

  • Responsive Answering

    Use complex scripting to make sure we’re answering back with the correct response to the caller’s concern.

  • Professional Operators

    Our brand of virtual receptionist services means professional receptionists are always available. We’ll always equip your account with the best agents that you can be happy are representing your business. Our in-house QA process ensures that all agents are always being evaluated, trained, and improved on with every interaction.

  • Dedicated Agents Available

    Get truly branded outsourcing with agents who are only answering calls for you. Provide input into the hiring and training process, as well as any key metrics you need us to monitor your dedicated agent group on.

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