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Comparing apples to apples has never been easier.

Comparing answering services is important when finding the right fit for your small business. From looking at prices and features to availability and overall reviews, there’s a lot to consider. Do you go for the cheapest option just to have phone coverage? Or do you spend a little more to have features that will ultimately help you get more work done throughout the day? With Specialty Answering Service, you can get a hands on experience when comparing our answering service to others in the market. With our two week free trial, you’ll get the same experience our regular customers get, completely free of charge. From making test calls to actually going live with your customers, you’ll get real life feedback to help make your decision easier.


A free trial that's actually free.

From the customers point of view, free is never really free. Companies who advertise free service never talk about the fine print. They may offer a free trial, but to access it, you’ll need to enter your credit card information. If you don’t officially quit before it ends, they’ll charge your card anyway. Then comes the struggle of trying to quit after you’ve been billed. At SAS, our free trial is actually free – no strings attached, no credit card. No payment information at all is gathered at the time of set up so you can test our service and compare SAS to the competition without any commitments. At the end of the free trial the service will automatically shut off if you didn’t officially sign up.

Getting the most out of your trial.

Signing up for a free trial isn’t enough to be able to compare to other services. You have to actually use it! Whether you’re just placing mock phone calls or you’re going live with your callers, the only way to know if we’re going to work for you is if you try us out. For an accurate comparison, we encourage you to:

  • Place test calls: After setting up your account, place some test calls to make sure everything was set up correctly, and to hear what the operators sound like. Pro tip: don’t tell the operators you’re making a test call, pretend you’re an actual customer!
  • Make changes: After making test calls, you may find that things aren’t flowing exactly as you had envisioned. Our free trial is the perfect time to make changes and iron out kinks before going live with your customers.
  • Ask for feedback: When you do go live with your callers, ask for feedback! The information you receive back from your customers is a great indicator of what’s working and what’s not. For example, maybe you previously wanted your answering service to act like they were in office, but your callers were feeling deceived. That would be a great opportunity to have the operators say they are with the answering service, so your callers know exactly who they are talking to and what to expect.
  • Ask questions: If you’re not sure how our system works, ask questions! We have an amazing customer support team who love to make sure our customers are taken care of. Instead of shying away from learning something new, let us help you! Our help desk is also chock full of tutorials!

Compare our prices.

If you’re looking to compare answering service pricing, look no further. SAS has per minute and per call pricing options available, both broken down into cost effective thresholds. With over 15 pricing packages to choose from and the ability to switch plans any time based off your usage, you never have to worry about over paying for service.

If you’re not sure which pricing level would be best, check out our interactive pricing comparison that will help guide you in the right direction. Simply plug in the average number of calls you get per month, the average length of the calls and the type of messages you would like to receive, and our system will tell you whether per minute pricing or per call pricing would be most cost effective for you.

Compare our features.

We offer a ton of features, and (most) of them are available for you to use during your free trial! Unfortunately, you’ll need to be a paying customer to take advantage of our outbound calling app. What you can explore includes:

  • Listening to your calls: While many answering services record calls for quality assurance, it’s mostly for internal monitoring. Specialty Answering Service not only allows you to listen to your calls within your portal, but you can also rate them and provide feedback for the operators. It’s a great tool to use when comparing our service to another.
  • Updating your on-call: Use an on-call schedule? Our online portal allows you to add and update your on-call schedule in real time, any time.
  • CRM integrations: Storing all of your client data in a CRM is a great way to stay on top of things. SAS offers a bunch of different CRM and app integrations like Salesforce, Lexicata, Zendesk, etc. Once you’ve configured and integrated your software with us, any information we gather from your callers will push directly through to your platform.
  • Appointment scheduling: Whether you use your own scheduling software or a shared, web-based platform like Google Calendar, our virtual receptionists can schedule appointments for you!
  • Downloadable reports: For the small business owner that uses reports to modify and keep up on trends, we’ve got you covered. Through our online portal you have access to generating and downloading various reports to help you keep track of call volume and data.

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