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Call center agents dedicated to your brand

Is a dedicated customer service representative right for your business?

We know that in a competitive marketplace, image is everything. Consistent, quality customer care enables you to stand out from the crowd. Having a live-operator answering service on your side is without a doubt a valuable asset to your business, but sometimes, it’s just not enough. Customers may have specialized needs or your product offering may be highly nuanced. Whatever the case, utilizing dedicated customer service representatives to highlight your brand can offer the distinguished support your company is known for. That’s where SAS’ dedicated call center comes in. Our partnership begins by choosing a select group of agents who will work only for you, and aligning with your brand identity so that we can truly represent your company as if we were working out of your own office.

Dedicated agent assisted sales

Dedicated Sales

Well-informed employees close 33% more sales. Armed with the particulars of your organization, our goal is to help you increase revenue. With a host of services such as inbound order taking, cross-sell / upsell, and outbound customer follow-up, SAS is your partner in successful sales.

Technical support services

Dedicated Technical Support

When you have a team of dedicated call center agents answering calls solely for your company, technical support concerns can be addressed in no time. Outsourced technical support services take the burden off in-house technical staff, enabling them to concentrate on escalations.

Superior customer care

Dedicated Customer Service We pride ourselves on the exceptional care we extend to every caller. Your expert group of agents will study your brand so that they know it as well as your own employees. The courteous, professional operators at SAS know that customer retention begins and ends with the level of service your clients receive.

Quality assurance protocols

Dedicated Representative Our customer service approach is proactive, not reactive. With a pool of dedicated representatives, you will have the benefit of regular account evaluation. A single customer service manager provides personalized attention to the sales and support process for your company.

Live chat and email response

Dedicated Live Chat Of the top 100 online retailers, email concerns have an average response time of 17 hours. That won’t happen with SAS. A personal group of operators assures that all inquiries over live chat and email will be handled in minutes, not hours.

Specialized recruitment and training

Dedicated Training Our agents are a direct extension of your business, so we encourage our clients to be involved in every step of the recruitment and training process. We invite you to fly out to our call center, and give our employees a keen understanding of your brand.

Social media marketing

Dedicated Social Media Response

Did you know that 48% of fortune global 100 companies are now on Google+? Or that 34% of marketers generate leads using Twitter? Your dedicated agent can monitor your social channels and respond based on scripts that you provide.

Got problems?

When you partner with SAS, we can staff your dedicated team with as many agents as you would like. We know that call volume increases at certain times of day, after marketing campaigns, even when there is an issue with a particular product. We offer a 24-hour live operator answering service. That means no matter how many people call your business or when they decide to call, your specially trained operators are at their service.

The great thing about working with SAS is that we have the staff and the resources to assist you. This eliminates the need for hiring additional employees internally, it reduces expenses, and it increases your bottom line. When requests come in, whether via phone, email, or live chat, our agents will follow the protocols and information you have provided, and every client will receive the excellent care they deserve.

The average person will spend 1.2 years on hold. It is no wonder that 75% of all business calls are not completed on the first attempt! At SAS, we know that every dropped call is revenue lost. We are known for our efficient, expedient service, and we are committed to answering every call within 3 rings or less. SAS on your side means no more missed opportunities.

It’s easy to manage quality control when you have a select team of dedicated call center receptionists fielding your inbound calls. SAS has a system of internal checks that monitor over 2,000 calls per month. In fact, 35% of our customer service representatives’ pay is determined by their performance. You only want the best for your business, and SAS guarantees that’s what you’ll get. Higher quality, better service.

We are experts in social media applications, email, and live chat-based service. Your personalized staff does so much more than order processing and account maintenance. We can monitor your presence on recognized social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, and if you don’t know what a Tweet is, we can help you learn! Email and live-chat are a breeze, and our replies are always prompt and helpful.

Brand loyalty comes from the reliable, professional image your company presents to current and prospective clients. Once our agents are trained in the specifics of your business, they will have an in-depth awareness of how to approach every call and concern just as you would if you were answering the phone yourself.

When it comes to learning the specifics of your brand, you call the shots. Flexibility is the name of the game. At SAS, we always encourage your involvement in training for your dedicated team of operators. The whole idea behind personalized service is to make things easier for your organization. We want to know as much as possible about your business. The more we know, the faster you grow!

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