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You could sell anything from kitchen tools to power tools. Whatever the case may be, chances are that at some point, there will be customers who need technical support in understanding and operating your product. While it may seem as simple to you as filling an ice cube tray, it may be confusing to your customers. So when they can’t figure out how to assemble your product, or why it won’t turn on, or why it is making a funny noise, they are going to call for help. You may not have the necessary staff or time to operate a technical support line in-house. That’s ok. Specialty’s tech support call center does.

Technical support staff median salary: $3,214/month. Average number of techies per 250 PCs: 5. $3,214 x 5 = $16,070. For as little as $7 a day, SAS’ operator pool can keep more of that money in your pocket.

SASDelivering Outstanding Customer Support

Did you know that 90% of unhappy customers choose not return to your business? That’s right, 90%! You may have the greatest product known to men and mice, but if your service is just plain awful, then you can kiss that revenue goodbye. With so many issues to contend with running a business, it is easy to let customer service fall by the wayside. SAS is the call center company for affordable customer care and technical support solutions for businesses like yours. Our live-voice operators provide professional representation for your brand, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

How It Works.

With over 300 skilled call center agents, we have the capacity to handle upwards of 30,000 inbound calls per day. Prompt service is an essential component of a great technical support line. That is why our specialists aim to answer every call within 3 rings or less, and more often than not, they respond to your caller before the first ring! We train our staff twice as long as the industry standard, and our internal customer service monitors review over 2,000 calls a month. That means your image will always be appropriately conveyed, and every caller will receive the utmost in considerate care. Via our tech support call center, we offer:

  • 24-Hour Reception: The typical workday is 8-5. But there is no way of telling when the typical customer will call your technical support line. That is why our call center agents are available around-the-clock, 365 days a year. Your office may be closed, but when you work with us, your business is always open.
  • Customized Solutions: No two businesses are alike. Keeping that in mind, we will work with you to create an in-call script for our operators to follow that meets your specifications. Using the criteria and FAQs you provide, we can effectively resolve customers’ queries, or escalate more complex concerns to your team. Other services include live web chat services and remote tech support.
  • Personalized Training: In order to have the most in-depth understanding of your support procedures, we allow for personalized training. This gives you an opportunity to work directly with our agents, educating them on your products and services, thereby maximizing efficiency on every transaction.
  • Web-Based Access: We can seamlessly integrate into your existing online systems to enter new service tickets, track current tickets, create appointments for service calls, and keep your employees informed and organized 24-hours a day.
  • Bilingual Service: Our population is becoming increasingly diverse, and that means your customers are, too. When it comes to providing technical assistance, you need to be prepared for English as well as Spanish-speaking clientele. Our pool of bilingual operators is on the job.

The Benefits.

Working with us offers your business a number of advantages that can keep you competitive in the marketplace. We take pride in what we do, and we know that once you sign on, you will wonder how you ever got along without us! Investing in this service can:

  • Increase Productivity: When your phones are ringing off the hook, it can be quite the challenge to get your work done. That’s where we come in. Without the added stress of a busy phone, your employees can spend more time working on the day-to-day obligations of running your business. Less stress leads to happier, more productive employees!
  • Streamline Communications: Rather than providing the consumer with separate numbers for each of your services, streamline communications by using a free 1-800 number instead. It’s much easier for your customers to remember one number than a dozen, and it will help to make their service experience as effortless as possible.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction: There is nothing more impersonal than calling a business for product assistance and being thrown into an automated system or someone’s voicemail box. With us on your side, all of your callers will be greeted by our friendly, live-voice representatives. We can support a wide range of electronics, such as gaming consoles, televisions, computers, phones, and more. Customers will not only receive the personalized service they need, but they will feel like valued members of your customer base.
  • Reduce Expenses: In today’s economy, you are constantly being forced to do more with less. So hiring a separate group of technical support specialists is not likely in your budget. When you use our service, there is no additional staff to hire or train, and no salaries or benefits to pay. Decreasing your administrative expenses means an increase in your bottom line.

If you are still not 100% sure that SAS can help you, we invite you to try us free for 2 weeks. We are confident in our outsourced call center services, and with a free trial, you get to see what we are all about, no strings attached. What do you have to lose? Specialty is the leading tech support call center, offering customer care solutions designed to benefit the company you have worked so hard to establish.

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We’re ready to help you help your small business. Our tech support call center are free for 14 days, and there’s no commitment or credit card required. Sign up and give it a try!

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