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All of your communications tracked in one place.

Your own personal treasure trove for all of your inbound communications – call recordings, transcripts, and notes, all organized for quick access.

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Extra Information

Anyone can take name, phone number, and reason for call. We can do way more. Customize what our operators ask and see your answers right here.

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We’re Portable

Check your messages from anywhere and on any device.

SAS works for your business.

We give you the tools for better customer service.

Specialty simplifies the answering service experience with streamlined software for managing inbound communications.

A flexible service for flexible businesses.

SAS gives you the power to update answers to any frequently asked questions and to view your script anytime. Control how our operators respond, and make changes on the fly.


Edit Your FAQ

You can change the answers our operators give to customer questions with just one click. Update the answer. Click save. You’re done.


View Script

View the script our operators are using to interact with your customers. Script changes are as easy as contacting SAS. Your changes will be updated right here for you to review.

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Appointment Calendar

SAS simplifies your outsourcing experience by giving you access to our free appointment calendar. See your schedule, change business hours, add appointments, and more.


Date Snapshot

Get a quick peek at how many appointments you have scheduled for any given day. One click to find out name, appointment time, and the call the appointment originated from.

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Change your on-call in real time.

SAS simplifies your business’ on-call calendar with real time adjustments, contact information updates, and calling hierarchies.



Add all of the employees we’ll need to contact. Update their phone numbers, email addresses, and their schedules.

See Your On-Call

Who’s On Call

Quickly see who’s on call, the calling order, if your employees have a calendar, and if those calendars need to be updated or are expired.

Set Your On-Call Employees

Edit On-Call Situations

SAS offers businesses a quick path to add employees to any on-call situations, change the order they’re called, and set a backup contact person.


Contact Procedure

See the procedure we’re using to contact your on-call. Are we patching the call? Emailing your staff? Texting? Find out here.

Build Your On-Call Staff

Easy to Understand Graphs

Measure analytics on usage, call distribution, and more. Have unique metrics you need tracked? We can create custom reports for deeper insight.


Change Display Format

Any data can be delivered in any one of four graph formats. Like pie charts? Maybe you are a bar graph type of person. We have you covered either way.

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Line chart

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