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Our core: 24 hour, professional, live small business customer service.

SAS’s call center services were created with your organization in mind. Whatever your needs may be, our support staff is trained to assist you. Did you know that 81% of companies who deliver strong customer service outperform their competition? Whether you work in the HVAC industry, the medical industry, the plumbing industry, or any other yet to be created industry in the universe – we have the experience and the tools to help your company rise above the rest!

  • Legal Name: Specialty Answering Service
  • Dunn & Bradstreet: D-U-N-S Number 87-788-9605
  • BBB: BBB Accredited Business
  • Address: 1006 9th Avenue, King of Prussia Pennsylvania 19406
  • Association Members & Affiliations: ATSI, CAM-X
An SAS Night On The Town

A Brief History Of Our Service From 1985 Until Today

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (but really close to Philadelphia, PA), there thrived a little answering service called Specialty.

Our roots can be traced back to 1985 when we founded a small startup service in the Philadelphia suburbs. Back then, answering service pricing was low and equipment was nothing like it is today. Over the years, our call center grew into a strong local presence, and in 2003, we created HVAC Answering Service, our first endeavor into the national market. Since that time, we have grown in leaps and bounds. Our multilingual call centers are able to service thousands of clients in myriad industries, with both national and international needs.

Meet Our Team

Emily Cardin, COO of SAS

Emily Cardin: Founder, COO

Emily is a small business retention strategist with over 17 years of hands-on experience overseeing client relationships for SAS. Responsible for leading SAS’ customer service team and overseeing all improvement efforts, Emily has a knack for fostering amazing customer experiences and streamlining communication channels. A transplant from New York in her teens, Emily currently lives in King of Prussia with her beloved family. When she is not working, she can be found alongside her husband, directing local theater.

Todd Cardin, CMO of SAS

Todd Cardin: Founder, CMO

Todd has more than 25 years of experience running successful sales teams, and currently directs customer acquisition and procurement strategies for Specialty Answering Service. He believes the best salespeople are happy salespeople, and it is this unique perspective that helps drive the teams responsible for showcasing the SAS brand. Todd and his wife are lifelong residents of King of Prussia, along with their two daughters, Esther and Elizabeth. He has a passion for the arts, and enjoys writing plays, singing, and acting in his spare time.

Why your business should be using Specialty Answering Service.

It’s because we rock!

It can be a challenge to take care of business when you are busy trying to run a business. With so many responsibilities on your plate, something is bound to dip under the radar. Phone calls are missed; customer service requests go by the wayside; and opportunities to expand your client base fall through the cracks. Did you know that 67% of customers hang up the phone out of frustration if they can’t speak to a real person? Are you prepared to lose 67% of your clientele? No matter the size of your organization, our live-operator answering service can have a positive impact on productivity.

Happy Operators Make for Good Business

Empowering your business.

  • The best customer service in the industry
  • Plans to accommodate any business
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week live answering
  • Custom-designed accounts and call scripting
  • Phone, email, social media and live chat support
  • Toll free and local numbers included with every plan
  • Flawless brand representation
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Your business needs happy customers.

Happy customers start with outsourcing to SAS.

Here’s a not so fun fact – 90% of unhappy customers will not do business with your company again, and we know you don’t want that to happen! SAS is one of the top providers in this industry. We pride ourselves on being a true virtual answering service company, offering affordable solutions to give you the most for your money. When you team up with us, you get reliability and amazing customer care. Our main concern is helping your business grow.

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