April 2024 Release Notes – Voicemail Greetings, Ability to Access Websites With a Username and Password, and more!

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We’ve just added some new features to enhance your answering service experience! Check out our release notes which includes the ability to access websites locked behind a username and password, the ability to add callback greetings for voicemails, and more!


  • Email Blocks: On any new Email script block, the Verify option will be turned on by default. Users can turn this off if they’d like.
  • Callback Greetings: Within the Greeting block, users can activate a Voicemail option under the Callback section to add instruction for agents who reach a caller’s voicemail upon a callback.
  • Websites: SAS now has the ability to access websites that are locked behind a username and password. Additionally, the Website script block has been adjusted to offer advanced formatting features
  • New Variables: 2 new variables have been added to the Flex system; {{company_name}}, which pulls the company name from the Wiki section of a script, and {{company_phonetic}}, which pulls the phonetic spelling of the company name from the Wiki section of a script.

Premium Add-Ons

  • On-Call: In the On-Call Add-On, the Notify after Receipt option has been updated to allow users to select a- New switch in on-call add on ‘Notify after receipt’ area where the notification of who picked up the message can be restricted to only to go prior recipients of the messages (not the entire distribution)

Amazing Tips

New features are great, but knowing how to use old features are even better! Check out some great tips below for how to get the most out of features we’ve deployed in earlier releases you may not have known about:

  • Lunch and Holiday Closings: Users now have the ability to set Lunch and Holiday closings within Reach and Cold Transfer script blocks.
  • Whisper: In Number Settings, users now have the ability to configure agent whisper greetings, both for company pronunciations and agent instructions.
  • Security Pin: Within Account Settings, users now have the ability to create and activate a PIN to lock sensitive areas of their account from agents.

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