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Very few people call a lawyer’s office just to say “Hello.” They need help, and they generally need it right away. When individuals seek the assistance of an attorney, the last thing they want to hear is a disembodied, computer-generated voice reciting a list of irritating options from which to choose. They need to speak to a real person who can quickly address their concerns in an efficient and professional manner. The question is, as a busy member of the legal profession, how are you going to provide this immediate response? The answer: Specialty’s lawyers’ answering service.

Average # of billable hours for attorneys: 1,800. Average hourly rate: $200. Make the case for client retention with superior service. Never missing a call with SAS: about $6.50 a day.

SASDelivering Outstanding Customer Support

Specialty Answering Service is a nationwide answering service / call center, employing over 300 U.S.-based operators. Our live-voice agents will personally respond to calls around-the-clock, whether we are answering for a private practice or the state bar association. We know that when people are seeking legal aid, they need more than just efficiency; they need compassion and understanding. Our highly trained operators are always professional, always courteous, and always available.

What We Can Do.

SAS delivers a personalized telephone answering backed by receptionists who are trained twice as long as the industry standard. With internal and external quality control checks, our service managers evaluate over 2,000 calls a month to maintain accuracy and professionalism. Your calls will be answered by agents with years of experience in the legal aid industry. Some of our lawyers answering services include:

  • 24/7 Answering & Lead Capture: It would be nice if all of your clients needed your services during regular business hours, but you know that is not the case. Whether at 2 a.m. on a Tuesday morning or 1 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day, our specialists offer friendly, helpful service to every caller. We understand the importance of prompt assistance when it comes to lead capture. That is why our staff answers over 85% of calls in 3 rings or less – the kind of rapid response your current and prospective clients will appreciate.
  • Case-by-Case Prioritization: We know that not every call to an attorney is a dire emergency. Implementing your existing protocols and procedures, we will ask the pertinent questions and then route the most pressing matters to you or your staff based on the information we have gathered. Calls can be prioritized based on case type, such as DUI, divorce, or child custody issues.
  • Additional Contact Numbers: Running a billboard or television ad campaign? Or perhaps you are managing a class action suit and know your phones will be ringing non-stop. We can provide 800 services for additional contact numbers to accommodate your needs.
  • Scheduling Appointments: We can interface with your online calendar management software and take care of creating, modifying, or canceling appointments for you. Any meetings we arrange will be immediately communicated to your office staff via phone, text, email, or pager so that you have ample time to adjust your agenda accordingly. Keeping your calendar organized also helps you track billable hours so that you can stay on target with your daily and weekly goals.

The Benefits.

We will work hard to ensure that your practice upholds the highest level of service regardless of the time of day. Having SAS on your side shows clients that you are there for them when they need you, not just between the hours of 9 to 5. More calls answered means more billable hours for your practice. You will also enjoy the benefits of:

  • Professional Representation: Presenting a professional image is an essential element in instilling a sense of confidence in your practice. We will work with you to create a customized greeting for call center staff to use when answering your phones. Our polished, courteous presentation will make the answering service indistinguishable from your own office.
  • Staffing Efficiency: The legal industry is consumed by paperwork and research. When you partner with us, your employees can devote their time and energy to carrying out the day-to-day responsibilities of running your practice. Why utilize your professional staff to man the phones when you can outsource that responsibility to us?
  • Reduced Cost: There is no expensive equipment to purchase or install, and no need to worry about keeping up with technological advances. We have the equipment, and we make it work for you. Our plans allow the freedom of month-to-month contracts so that you are only paying for the operator time you use. These benefits may result in a significant reduction in administrative costs.

Freeing your professional staff from the nuisance of ringing phones allows them to provide the legal services that your clients need. Superior technology, live call answer, and a reliable internal structure are just a few of the many reasons why SAS can give your law firm a competitive advantage. Ask us about our 2-week free trial, and take advantage of the opportunity to see firsthand how valuable a partnership with us can be. Specialty is the leading answering service for lawyers, consistently raising the bar on client support.

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See why you need a virtual receptionist representing your law firm 24/7.

Specialty’s virtual receptionist service for lawyers can help you grow faster by giving you an affordable way to field calls 24 hours a day. Using SAS, you’ll find that eliminating voicemail and opting for a live voice is a smarter way to run your business. Where 1 out of 3 potential clients will hang up when they reach voicemail, a live voice will result in an increase in leads, an increase in clients, and higher overall customer satisfaction. All with a simple addition – a remote receptionist keeping you organized:

  • 26%

    The number of attorneys and lawyers that don’t track their leads.

  • 45%

    How often law firms forget to collect a telephone number on a phone call.

  • 35%

    The percent of overall phone calls that laywers don’t answer.

Legal Industry Case Study

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See how 4 law firms, ranging from low volume users to heavy hitters, are using our answering service. The report includes a breakdown of FAQs, scripting, types of phone calls received and answered live, average volume, and average monthly phone answering service cost.

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