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Outsourcing business responsibilities to an answering service is a great way for small businesses to accomplish more of their goals for less money. Where virtual receptionist services can manage inbound communications and take messages, they can also process orders, complete sales, and help customers. If your needs are more than just message taking and dispatch, using an answering service may be a bit of an adjustment. From figuring out what service is right for you, to learning all of the ins and outs of the industry, it can be overwhelming. Below you’ll find posts from the Specialty Answering Service blog that offers a guiding light if you’re just starting out, from what to look for in your answering service to tips on how to get the most out of a free trial. We’ve also selected a few resources we think deserve attention.

7 Must Do Answering Service Hacks: If you’re just starting out, read these tips to make sure you’re on the right path to success!

8 Times you Wish you Activated an Answering Service’s Free Trial: Getting things for free is great, but sometimes people may miss out on a good opportunity because they’re unsure where it may lead. If you are on the fence about signing up for a free trial, read this!

Today, it's easier than ever to outsource your customer support. Just google small business answering services and you'll find pages of companies who can help. But just because you can find an answering service, it doesn't mean you're guaranteed a stellar outsourcing experience. If the company you're using doesn't have the right environment…

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Closing your business while you're on vacation? Don't want to come back to a tidal wave of voicemails? We've created a 6 step guide on how to quickly activate an answering service while you're walking out the door. 1. Set up Your Greeting Answering services can greet your callers in any number…

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The first couple of days (or weeks) after hiring an answering service can be a challenge. Not only do you have a new communication channel to keep track of, but you also have a whole new team of virtual employees who are answering your calls - which of course you want to…

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How often do you use your phone to actually call someone? Based on mobile phone usage trends, the answer is, not as often as you used to. For people in the customer service industry, manning the phones isn’t the only station that needs to be monitored. In fact, these days 94% of…

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You’re ready for your first answering service, but with so many options out there, you have no idea which will work best for your business. We know how tedious the process of selecting the right call center can be. That’s why we put together this list of 25 questions and answers to…

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As a business owner, you may be hesitant about signing on with an answering service. On the one hand, you need help ensuring that every phone call you receive is answered. But on the other hand, you don’t really know who is answering your phones and how well they will represent your…

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So, you're on the free trial of our answering service. Over the next 14 days, we want your experience with SAS to be even better than you expected! One of the best ways to ensure quality service is to pretend you are a customer and place test calls. This is especially useful…

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