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Connected Telephones

Ready to take your business to the next level in customer care? Working with an answering service is a great way to enhance operations while providing 24/7 support for your valued customers. And with communications solutions for every industry, company size and service level, it’s never been easier to get started. As…

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Virtual Receptionists Make Small Business Look Big

Like most companies, your business is probably starting out small. This can be a detriment when you're pitching prospects who want to know they can trust your product as much as they can trust your brand before committing to the sale. If you look small, it's going to be difficult to get…

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Happy Office Employees

Modern customers expect much more from businesses then they ever have before. Research shows that almost 70% of consumers say great customer service is very important in their choice to stay loyal to a brand. Combine that with consumers who are on the fence about good customer service and you have 98%…

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Getting Advice

It's National Small Business Month and your phone is probably ringing off the hook! To celebrate, and to make sure you're not missing out on any potential opportunities, we wanted to highlight how answering services are a great tool for small businesses. We asked our staff to share their advice about answering…

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Celebrate Earth Day

Earth month is a global celebration of hundreds of nations to drive education and engagement on environmental issues. At Specialty, we want to do our part to educate customers on how using an answering service can actually help reduce the impact that businesses have on the planet. That's why we've created this…

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Virtual Receptionist in Answering Service

The first couple of days (or weeks) after hiring an answering service can be a challenge. Not only do you have a new communication channel to keep track of, but you also have a whole new team of virtual employees who are answering your calls - which of course you want to…

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Realtor Answering Service Tips

Answering services are great resources for real estate agencies! They can make sure you aren't missing calls from your listings, handle your calls while you're on a showing, provide lock box codes to your properties, transfer calls to any agent on your real estate team, and schedule appointments. If your real estate firm…

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