The importance of call center scripts to your outsourcing experience can’t be overstated. When calls flow swimmingly, or when the conversation goes off the rails, it’s almost always an error with the call script. However, figuring out the perfect call handling for your answering service isn’t always easy. What works in your office may not always work in a call center environment, so it’s important to know how to get your scripting just right. Below you’ll find posts from the Specialty Answering Service blog that will help guide you in the right direction when setting up your call center script, and some common mistakes to avoid. We’ve also selected a few resources we think deserve attention.

5 Tips to Make the Best Telephone Answering Service Scripts: A pinch of that, and a sprinkle of this. Learn how to whip up the perfect answering service script.

Listen to Call Center Sample Calls for Examples of Typical Call Flows: Not sure what a normal interaction sounds like with an answering service? Check out some of our samples to get a better idea.

A great script is more than just a few steps strung together. It's the core of your answering service experience, creating the right set of questions that will guide the operators and keep call flow as smooth as chocolate silk pie. In the infographic below, we've let you in on a little…

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When it comes to creating the ideal answering service script, it can be a little challenging to know exactly what to include. For certain businesses, basic information is perfectly fine. But what if you require the operators to ask multiple screening questions? Should your script include every last tidbit of information you need…

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Your call center script. It’s the most important part of a successful call center solution. The best scripts make the transition between your office and your answering service seamless – meaning that callers won’t realize they aren’t talking to your office staff. Bad scripting on the other hand makes an operator look…

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Ever wondered how a typical answering service conversation unfolds? You're in luck! We have compiled a few call center sample calls that will help you gain a better understanding of call flow in a call center. These might be of use as you work on designing the best script to suit your…

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