Infographic: How to create the perfect answering service script

Baking A Telephone

A great script is more than just a few steps strung together. It’s the core of your answering service experience, creating the right set of questions that will guide the operators and keep call flow as smooth as chocolate silk pie. In the infographic below, we’ve let you in on a little secret: the call center chef’s tried-and-true recipe for the best script ever!

Build The Perfect Call Center Script

Want a quick refresher course? Let’s recap the 5 essential ingredients to the ideal answering service script:

  1. Start with a clear greeting, and stir in a direct question. – Steering the call right from the greeting eliminates any guesswork for the operators.
  2. Fold in key information, and don’t overmix. – Keeping questions simple will ensure that your calls don’t go any longer than necessary.
  3. Pour into a pre-set message delivery method. – Contact programming to confirm where you’d like your messages to be sent.
  4. Bake 24 hours a day, and check regularly. – When you’re busy with current clients, it’s easy to forget about new leads. Remember to check your messages.
  5. Whip up fresh details, and garnish as needed! – The operators are only as good as the info at their disposal. Stay current with your account updates.

Check out our other article for more information about answering service scripting.

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