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Having great telephone etiquette in a work environment is not only one of the most important office skills you can master, it can also have tremendous business growth benefits. Where wow-ing callers with amazing phone etiquette can make your customers and prospects feel warm and fuzzy, poor phone etiquette can lead to poor reviews, unhappy customers, and an ultimate loss of business, which no business owner wants. When telephone communication is your first opportunity to make a great first impression, it’s imperative that you’re familiar with all available tips to follow when answering the telephone at work. Below you’ll find the most recent posts from the Specialty Answering Service blog about the best practices to follow for proper phone etiquette, and how you can incorporate them into your own company.

We’ve all had this experience. You come home, and your spouse, parent, friend, child or partner tell you that someone called for you. The exchange goes something like this: Spouse:                “Someone called for you while you were out.” You:                       “Who was it?” Spouse:                “I don’t know. Karen something or other.” You:                      …

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How you answer the phone in your office versus how your answering service answers may not always be the same. While it's important that both you and your answering service are on the same page, what works in your office may not always work in a call center environment. For example, you…

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