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Call Center Stress

Being a virtual receptionist is an important job. As the first live point of contact for customer support, you are the person responsible for the first impression, and sometimes the only voice the customers will ever hear from the company you're representing. And while you'll leave most calls feeling great, not every…

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How To Answer Your Business Phone

Answering the phone. It’s easy, right? Maybe for a seasoned receptionist. But for someone who is new to the working world, there is a rhythm and rhyme to expert phone answering. Everyone at your business needs to know how to answer the phone professionally. Whether you’re working the front desk of a…

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Writing a Message Down

We’ve all had this experience. You come home, and your spouse, parent, friend, child or partner tell you that someone called for you. The exchange goes something like this: Spouse:                “Someone called for you while you were out.” You:                       “Who was it?” Spouse:                “I don’t know. Karen something or other.” You:                      …

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Bowl of Soup

January is National Soup Month. Aside from the fact that there’s a near 100% chance you didn’t know that, you’re probably wondering what soup has to do with customer support. The answer? Everything. Customer service is like soup. It’s warm and friendly, comprised of the ultimate combination of tips and tricks that…

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Santas Elf

The North Pole Elves, aka Santa's Helpers, are an industrious and creative bunch of customer service representatives, without whom the world would be devoid of magical toys and fudge stripe cookies. (Nevermind about the cookies – wrong elves.) These pointy-eared beings may be hidden from view nearly the entire year, but much like SAS' call…

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The Princess Bride Customer Service

Let's pretend there are only 4 people in your Princess Bride Call Center's customer service department. Now let's say that one of you spontaneously grows a 6th finger and has to make a mad dash to Miracle Max for a cure. On no! Your four person department is now down to 3.…

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