The importance of proper CRM documentation.

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The Princess Bride Customer Service

Let’s pretend there are only 4 people in your Princess Bride Call Center’s customer service department. Now let’s say that one of you spontaneously grows a 6th finger and has to make a mad dash to Miracle Max for a cure.

On no! Your four person department is now down to 3.

Princess Bride 6 Fingered Man

Not only are you short handed, the 6-fingered man left you with all of his open cases. You can’t leave them open until he gets back. You need to close them. This isn’t going to be a problem if Mr. +1 has properly documented his cases. If he didn’t, don’t go swimming off the Cliffs of Insanity just yet.

Princess Bride Cliffs of Insanity

Notes in your CRM aren’t just for your enjoyment. The question you need to ask yourself is, “Can someone who isn’t familiar with this case understand my notes?” Customer service is not just about how friendly you are – it’s about handling issues fast. If you need a cipher to figure out what one of your colleagues wrote, cases will take longer to close. Customers will cry.

Princess Bride Rats

So, in the event that you get lost in the Fire Swamp on your way to work and meet an untimely demise at the jaws of an R.O.U.S., here are a 5 tips on how to start cases and how to document case notes to make things easy for your coworkers.

  1. Keep it Clean: First, ensure that there are no Pending cases for this client.
  • If no, start a new case.
  • If yes, can you continue this issue in an existing case?
  1. Short Subjects: Make sure the subject of the case reflects what it is about. Like “Refund Request” or “Refund. Issues with Cap”
  2. Brief Descriptions: Stick to brief but clear descriptions. “Dread Pirate Roberts requests a refund.” or “Cap frayed after light use. Customer wants a refund not credit.”
  3. Use The Same Shorthand: Have each customer service representative enter notes in the same format, for example:
Dread Pirate Roberts
  • Reason – Client wants a refund for his face mask. It frayed.
  • Action – Submit refund request to billing for full amount.
  • Next – Reply to client once refund has been processed. Email them complimentary coupon for 50% next iocane powder purchase + ‘Giants Rock’ t-shirt.
  1. Set Case Timers: Set a reminder to confirm that the client’s request has been completed in a suitable timeframe.

Case documentation in your CRM software doesn’t have to be complicated. Enter things as you wish, but simple and straightforward are best!

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