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Every business needs amazing customer service. It’s what we’ve come to expect as consumers. Think about it. If you have an issue with a product or service, and you have a bad interaction when you reach out for help, are you going to stick around? Probably not. Great customer service is the cornerstone of any successful business. As a small business owner, make sure you’re focusing on customer service as part of your overall plan to strengthen your brand and grow your company. Below you’ll find the most recent posts from the Specialty Answering Service blog. We’ve also selected a few resources we think deserve attention.

23 Movie & Television Characters That Would Make the Best Customer Service Representatives: Take a lesson from the greats to learn what amazing customer service is all about.

Customer Service Soup: 16 Essential Ingredients for Amazing Customer Service Agents: Cook up your own soup-er customer service team with this recipe.

Under any normal circumstances, a stellar customer service experience is something most businesses strive for. Throw a global pandemic like COVID-19 into the mix, and suddenly, all sense of normalcy flies out the window. Pandemics and catastrophes aside, businesses that can provide exceptional service no matter what the circumstance are more likely…

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Unless you’re pretty handy with a crystal ball, no one could have predicted the current situation in which many businesses currently find themselves: closed temporarily due to a global pandemic. It’s like something out of a movie. The tsunami hits, and everyone is thrust into the midst of chaos with no idea…

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At Specialty Answering Service, we're focused on the health and safety of our employees and their families. And throughout all of the disruption COVID-19 is bringing, SAS, just like every other telephone answering service in the industry, is still committed to your success. One of the main things we're learning by speaking…

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In a crisis, communication is essential. The United States is just about a month into the COVID-19 pandemic, and about 2 weeks into social distancing protocols, and life as we knew it is a faded memory. For small businesses, it's too early to know the economic impact the novel coronavirus will have.…

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Your customers are reaching out to you more for answers as they're trying to deal with the uncertainty of the coronavirus. As your new at home employee army works tirelessly from their kitchen counters and ironing boards to respond to customers, your answering service is playing a greater role in helping you…

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Businesses use answering services for different reasons. Some may use them for basic message taking, while others may use them to field overflow calls when they're expecting a large volume. However you decide to use an answering service, the main goal is to capture and retain customers to ultimately help grow your…

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Over the last decade, technology has evolved at an alarming rate. From face recognition in our smart phones to cars that drive themselves, it's amazing how much technology is a part of our everyday lives. While I think we can all agree that robots are awesome, businesses should not be so quick…

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Having a great customer service team is what sets a business apart from its competition. A business could have a stellar product, but without a solid support team, they may have a hard time getting customers to stick around. Alternatively, a business that has an amazing support staff but a mediocre product…

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We've all been there. By "there," I mean the void between calling a business to get help and being stuck on hold. For an eternity. Then having the phone just hang up. Like, really, that just happened? Yeah, it did. Bottom line: holds stink. Whether you're trying to make an appointment with…

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Millennials are trending! The 75.3 million or so population of millennials communicate way differently than the Baby Boomer generation before them. While your mom loves to talk on the phone and dish about her back and knee pain, millennials aren't huge fans of phones (SMH), but do love texting. When your dad…

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