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Robot Working at Desk

Over the last decade, technology has evolved at an alarming rate. From face recognition in our smart phones to cars that drive themselves, it's amazing how much technology is a part of our everyday lives. While I think we can all agree that robots are awesome, businesses should not be so quick…

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Learn About IVR Systems Infographic

When you call your TV service to find out why cable is on the fritz and hear, “For Service, say 'Service,' or press 1,” that’s Interactive Voice Response or IVR for short. Basically, IVR allows a combination of voice and keypad responses to get callers where they want to go. IVR makes…

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Angry Robot

If you like robots, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is the most affordable business receptionist. Take a look below at the top 10 ways IVR can strengthen your customer care and save you money. If done right, implementing an IVR keeps everyone happy: robot people get robots, people people get live answering service…

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What is VXML

Did you ever wonder how it became possible for you to communicate verbally with computers? No, we don’t mean screaming at your hard drive when it crashes. It’s more like when you’re calling your bank and the automated teller lady knows what you’re trying to say. That’s VoiceXML! For a more in-depth…

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Infographic about speech recognition technology

Baby talk. Who in the world understands it? Babies babble and coo, and adults sit around slinging that high-pitched, sing-song-y babble. Now while we’re sure that some babies come out speaking full sentences, (like William and Kate’s little royal bundle, Prince George; or sweet-faced baby North West, who probably gave mom, Kim…

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The History of the Voder

There is no question that making your computer talk is pretty cool. It’s cool for the kid making a prank phone call all the way up to the executive using it in a text to speech capacity to read emails aloud. From a call center perspective, it’s cool because talking computers, or…

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