Speech recognition technology infographic.

The history of speech recognition technology

Baby talk. Who in the world understands it? Babies babble and coo, and adults sit around slinging that high-pitched, sing-song-y babble. Now while we’re sure that some babies come out speaking full sentences, (like William and Kate’s little royal bundle, Prince George; or sweet-faced baby North West, who probably gave mom, Kim Kardashian, an earful about her maternity style), all in all, no one understands baby talk. Except for Speech Recognition Technology! Bet you’re wondering how we got from baby talk to speech recognition. It’s called finesse, people. The art of the segue. Does it make sense? Maybe not. The point is, we’re there.

In truth, Speech Recognition Technology likely can’t understand baby talk. But it can understand natural language. You call up for your bank account balance and the computerized technology recognizes your natural speech to get you the information you need. You dial your insurance company, tell the automated agent that you want to speak to a representative, and low and behold, it knows what you said and transfers you! Speech recognition has advanced considerably over the years, and now many providers boast a 90 to 98% accuracy rate. That *may* be a bit of a stretch, but we’ll take their word for it until we prove otherwise.

Meanwhile, this technology can be used by a variety of businesses and call centers. It’s not perfect; however, it definitely imparts a convenience factor to consumer interactions. Want to find out more about how it works? Hello – of course you do! So feast your eyes on this infographic.

Infographic about speech recognition technology

Was it every bit as informative as you had hoped it would be? Don’t answer that. Just kidding. We think it’s fabulous. And we think our extended version is fabulous, too! For your reading pleasure, we submit the Speech Recognition Technology white paper. Take a gander.

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