What is speech recognition.

What is Speech Recognition

Years ago, no one would have imagined that you could have a conversation with a computer where it could not only understand what you are saying, but it would also respond to you. Prior to the 90s, speech recognition was just being researched and had not yet found practical uses. But the technology rapidly expanded and is now applicable in myriad ways.

Speech recognition technology is a financially sound option for many industries. Call centers, which started using the software in combination with IVR systems, have found it particularly useful. It helps to cut costs and greatly improves customer satisfaction. Today, most large call centers are actively utilizing speech recognition as part of their technology strategy.

This white paper will explore the following:

  • The evolution of speech recognition algorithms
  • The technology’s various applications
  • Advantages for call centers
  • Its viability as a customer service solution
Download the paper. See the infographic.

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