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Shopping Cart in Grocery Store

When recalls happen, set up a recall hotline with an answering service to supercharge your customer service. Recalls can affect any company, from auto dealerships, to electronic shops, to grocery stores (lettuce remind you of the romaine recall that most recently made headlines), so you should formulate a plan in advance to prepare…

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Rookie Answering Service Mistakes

Whether you've just started using an answering service, or you've had one for years, you should be aware of the 5 most common mistakes businesses make that will result in an outsourcing epic fail. 1. Your Procedures are Too Complicated Every company wants their customers to be happy, and a factor in…

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Receptionist Answering Questions

At Specialty Answering Service, we often get asked many questions regarding the ins and outs of how answering services work, what they do, and how much they cost - among other things. We thought it would be a great idea to consolidate our most frequently asked questions to help out readers like…

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Old Man Stuck On Hold

We've all been there. By "there," I mean the void between calling a business to get help and being stuck on hold. For an eternity. Then having the phone just hang up. Like, really, that just happened? Yeah, it did. Bottom line: holds stink. Whether you're trying to make an appointment with…

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Learn About DNIS

Let’s say that you're an equipment manufacturer with multiple products. You have a division that builds rockets, another that builds washing machines, and another that builds garage door openers. Each product has its own toll-free support number for customers to call for assistance. Each of those numbers rings to your in-house telephone answering service, where…

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