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Strange Man On The Phone

If your business is new to using an answering service, you may have questions about what an answering service is capable of. For example, you may want to know if the operators can access your software, if they can sound like they are working in your office, or if they can transfer…

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Closeup of Typewriter

Your call center script. It’s the most important part of a successful call center solution. The best scripts make the transition between your office and your answering service seamless – meaning that callers won’t realize they aren’t talking to your office staff. Bad scripting on the other hand makes an operator look…

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Bill Lumbergh from Office Space

You practically jumped out of bed from another one of those horrible dreams. Your partner rolls over and asks, “Another one of the night terrors, honey?” You nod sheepishly between chest-heaving sobs as your hands shake uncontrollably. “I just, I just,” you stammer. “I just hate my job so much.” Sounds a…

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Biggie Smalls grafitti

As small business owners, we are faced with the never-ending daily task of boosting employees’ performance. Looking for some possible solutions to this dilemma, I turned to a few of the prodigious thinkers of our time. I skimmed the pages of Socrates and Machiavelli until I happened upon my answer. The solution…

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