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Ultimate HVAC Marketing Plan

Updated July 2018: Please click on this link "The Ultimate HVAC business plan" to download the ebook. You love what you do, but you can’t stand your employer. So you’ve decided to go solo and parlay your HVAC career into your own business. It shouldn’t be too hard, right? You have a…

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Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

As a manager, do you recognize your employees’ talents and engage their strengths to your benefit? If not, you should start. Take Rudolph for example. While the other reindeer were off playing games, Rudolph was just hanging around, his nose lit up like a Christmas tree. Sure, he could fly like the…

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A boss managing an employee

Let’s play a game. How many hours a day do you actually work at work? Give yourself 10 points if you said you work 8 hours or more. Give yourself 5 points if you said you are putting in a concerted effort at least 4 hours out of the day. And give…

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Bill Lumbergh from Office Space

You practically jumped out of bed from another one of those horrible dreams. Your partner rolls over and asks, “Another one of the night terrors, honey?” You nod sheepishly between chest-heaving sobs as your hands shake uncontrollably. “I just, I just,” you stammer. “I just hate my job so much.” Sounds a…

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Yelling at the phone

When something goes wrong with my computer, I get angry. Oftentimes, I get irrationally angry, and start hitting things, which, I’m told, doesn’t actually help my internet connectivity as I would like it to. Unfortunately, the first person who I usually speak to in this state is my IT administrator. My IT…

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Biggie Smalls grafitti

As small business owners, we are faced with the never-ending daily task of boosting employees’ performance. Looking for some possible solutions to this dilemma, I turned to a few of the prodigious thinkers of our time. I skimmed the pages of Socrates and Machiavelli until I happened upon my answer. The solution…

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