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Sticky Notes on Steering Wheel

Virtual receptionists are the employees that answer your calls in an answering service. From helping you answer phone calls to freeing up your time to foster more meaningful relationships with your clients, learn the top 6 signs that you should hire a virtual receptionist and why hiring one could be one of…

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Exciting Features with Specialty Answering Service

So you’ve made the decision to use an answering service, and after much deliberation and thought, you’ve come to the conclusion that Specialty Answering Service is the right fit for you. Hooray! But wait, there's more. SAS is more than just a virtual receptionist service. Aside from giving your customers 24/7 live operator assistance,…

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Sherlock on the Phone

You might be thinking about adding call tracking to your marketing model, but aren’t certain if it’s for you. Here are 3 points to consider. By identifying phone call lead sources and monitoring online activity during internet campaigns, sales consultants can reach out to prospective customers to increase their conversion rate and…

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A boss managing an employee

Let’s play a game. How many hours a day do you actually work at work? Give yourself 10 points if you said you work 8 hours or more. Give yourself 5 points if you said you are putting in a concerted effort at least 4 hours out of the day. And give…

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