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Automated On-Call Dispatching

If you are an emergency services business, your business is always on. Instant and accurate on-call emergency dispatching is essential so you can take the right action, when seconds matter. Since we started answering business phones, Specialty Answering Service has been dedicated to rapid, reliable emergency dispatching - so businesses like yours…

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Exchanging Documents

By now, you've probably been through the Specialty Answering Service portal, explored a few of the features, and focused on the features you use every day - like viewing your call log or updating your on-call schedule. As you continue to use the portal and take stock of what aspects are most…

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Exciting Features with Specialty Answering Service

So you’ve made the decision to use an answering service, and after much deliberation and thought, you’ve come to the conclusion that Specialty Answering Service is the right fit for you. Hooray! But wait, there's more. SAS is more than just a virtual receptionist service. Aside from giving your customers 24/7 live operator assistance,…

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