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You might be thinking about adding call tracking to your marketing model, but aren’t certain if it’s for you. Here are 3 points to consider.

  1. By identifying phone call lead sources and monitoring online activity during internet campaigns, sales consultants can reach out to prospective customers to increase their conversion rate and generate revenue.
  2. Even Google has conducted research that brings to light the importance of call tracking with regard to AdWords and Pay-Per-Click service.
  3. Tracking sales calls allows business owners to evaluate the usefulness of their marketing campaigns and focus on areas that may require some tweaking.

Call metrics are a cost-effective approach to reviewing your business strategy in action. Should you decide to move forward, listed below are 13 call tracking services along with their features to help narrow your search.

1. Century Interactive

Call for pricing: 1-866-257-8479.

  • Inbound call tracking – Track and record your inbound phone calls.
  • Keyword level dynamic website call tracking – Tie your calls to keywords and their referral source.
  • Human call categorization – Call categorization system combines automated call tagging with humans to filter calls and tell you what’s happening.
  • Recorded outbound call tracking – Track and record your outbound phone calls.
  • Call coaching – Built-in call coaching.
  • Dynamic call routing – Connect each phone call to the right person at the right time, based on time of day, day of week, caller interest, etc.
  • Integrations/Open API – Integration with CRM and digital marketing tools to push phone call data wherever you need it.

2. Call Source

Call for pricing: 1-877-225-5768.

  • Call tracking – Captures every caller’s phone number, identifies the advertising source and records calls for review.
  • Lead scoring – Review, sort, and filter out non-prospects from your tracked calls, providing accurate cost-per-lead analysis and sales conversion percentages.
  • Telephone performance analysis – Analyze your employees’ sales skills by reviewing and grading sales calls.
  • Our university – Central database of all your employees’ online and classroom training.
  • Deal saver – Get lost revenue opportunities delivered to your mobile phone.
  • Call shield – Complimentary cloud-based service that blocks telephone hacking attempts and computer-generated spam calls.
  • Results system – Results platform blends hands-on consulting with cutting edge technology. We track your calls and score them so you know which leads are true leads.

3. Twilio

Visit their web page to submit your contact information and receive a call from their Sales desk.

  • Get basic call tracking up and running in a day.
  • Design a complex, customized solution in a few weeks.
  • Buy virtual phone numbers in real-time.
  • Receive unlimited inbound calls.
  • Measure everything and send the data to your analytics solution or your CRM system.

4. Call Fire

Call for details: 1-877-897-FIRE. Plans range in price from pay as you go to $599/month.

  • SMS enabled call tracking – Use a call tracking number to send text messages from a long code so you can respond to an inquiry via text and track via Google analytics.
  • Robust analytics to track your spending – A holistic view of your advertising performance that can be linked to Google analytics.
  • Custom notifications routed to your email or mobile device – Create custom alerts or, build your own customized call tracking application for instant reporting.
  • Low cost local & toll-free numbers – Extensive phone number tracking and reports. Set office hours to record messages.
  • Play a whisper message to agents on transfer. – Receive both call and texts to local numbers. Google Analytics integration.
  • Record any inbound calls. – Email notifications on successful calls. Pricing as low as 2¢ per minute.

5. Call Tracking Metrics

Call for details: 1-855-834-8688. Plans from $0 Starter plan to $149/month Enterprise plan.

  • Recordings – Listen to calls to train staff, evaluate leads, and capture customer detail. Audio files can be emailed immediately after calls so you can listen to calls from the road.
  • Unlimited Users – Add staff and clients using different role types. Use an agency package to create sub-accounts for each client so that they can view their data.
  • Whispers – Play custom whispers to callers announcing call recording or menu keypress options. Play whispers to receiving party announcing source of call, call recording etc.
  • Dynamic Number Swapping – Insert tracking numbers on your website dynamically based on where the visitor came from.
  • Real-time Reporting – Know who is calling and how they found you. Immediately see trends in call volume by advertising channel and sales performance by agent.
  • Track online or offline advertising – Place numbers in print, TV, radio ads or have numbers dynamically appear on your website based on where the visitor came from.

6. LOG My Calls

Call for details: 1-855-889-3939. Plans range from $69 to $699 and up.

  • Conversation analytics – Tells you what happened on the call. Know good leads from bad leads, phone conversion rates and sales made, initial sales inquiries vs. returning customers
  • Marketing automation – Notify your CRM when a hot lead calls, alert a sales manager when a sale doesn’t close, track the number of complaint calls, charge clients more for great leads.
  • Scheduled reports – Customize and schedule reports to be emailed to anyone.
  • Dynamic number insertion x3 – Track phone conversions of online traffic sources. Automatically change the phone number on your website depending on the referring source.
  • Integrations – Easy integration with CRMS, learning management systems, affiliate portals and other web applications. Automated workflows and actions.

7. Dex Media

Call for pricing: 1-866-558-0400.

  • 24/7 access to real-time online reports lets you tell at a glance which ads are doing well and which may need adjustment.
  • Calls to tracking numbers are automatically forwarded to your existing business line.
  • Caller data is collected and stored.
  • Calls can be recorded for future reference.
  • Run reports online in real time anytime you want.
  • Track caller identification data, including name, address, phone number, and ZIP code.
  • Track number of calls being generated by your ad.
  • Track answer status of each call received: answered, unanswered, or busy.
  • Track length of time spent on the line with answered calls.
  • Call mapping to identify where calls originate
  • Manage your employees’ productivity with call answer status data.
  • Monitor the time of day you get the most calls.
  • Listen to your calls with call recording to improve customer service and call tactics.
  • Build a prospect data base with the detailed caller report.

8. Delacon

Call for details: 1-855-390-7512. Pricing varies.

  • Track time, date, length and result of calls.
  • Track geographical location of calls.
  • Track telephone number of the caller.
  • Track answering point telephone number.
  • Track device the caller used to find to your website.
  • Track the internet service provider of the device the caller used.
  • Track number of calls per web source.
  • Track online browsing activity leading up to the call.
  • Track keywords used to find your website.
  • Track referring URL.
  • Track the call outcome such as whether it was a sale and the sale value.
  • Integrate with Google Analytics, Google Universal, bid management, Salesforce, and more.

9. Who’s Calling

Call for pricing: 1-866-403-2938.

  • MYDASH – Create a custom call tracking dashboard and view important call data in just one click.
  • SNAPSHOT – View call activity broken down by customer or agent in one report.
  • ROI Reporting – Match calls with F&I information from Reynolds and Reynolds dealership management software.
  • Data & Email Sync – Integrate your dealership management system with your marketing database.
  • Call Safe – Safeguard your business from fines for Do Not Call violations.
  • Call Evaluation – Get the complete picture of the calls your business receives by having our call evaluation specialists assess your calls.
  • Call Sync™ – Maximize lead management data by exporting call details to your CRM.
  • Call Mapping™ – See exactly where your geo-targeted marketing campaigns are generating calls.
  • Call Forwarding – Send unanswered calls to another line, location, voicemail or prerecorded message.


Visit their web page to submit your contact information and receive a call from their Sales desk.

  • International call tracking in 62 countries
  • Intelligent analytics dashboard
  • Time-based calling rules
  • Call whispers
  • Voice messages via email
  • Local, national, international, toll free and premium numbers
  • Call alerts via email/SMS
  • Voice/identity verification
  • Dynamic IVR via a key press menu
  • Unlimited unique phone numbers
  • Inbound and outbound call analytics
  • Call recording
  • Pay per click, pay per call, pay per lead
  • Google AdWords keyword tracking
  • Intelligent call routing
  • HTTP POST for pre-call customer details
  • Call blocking and SPAM protection
  • Automated booking system

11. Analytic Call Tracking

Call for details: 1-561-841-1832. $1 seven day trial offer. Basic service one-time fee of $197.

  • Direct API access through Twilio to add a number in seconds.
  • Set up your own enterprise class call tracking platform.
  • Know when calls are coming in real time.
  • Record every phone call you route through ACT.
  • See the location and number of the caller right in the dashboard.
  • Reports can be generated with a few clicks.
  • Get email alerts when goals are reached.
  • See a complete history of calls including duration and location.
  • Set a list of phone numbers to receive calls in the order you determine.
  • Restrict access of users to just one phone number, if needed.
  • Ring multiple phone numbers at the same time.
  • Classify calls by codes to get a better understanding of trends.
  • Have as many companies as you need to serve your business or clients.

12. Keymetric

Call for pricing: 1-866-304-6527. Month-to-month service.

  • Track referring traffic source
  • Track referring domain.
  • Track search engine and network.
  • Track content network.
  • Track affiliate network and ID.
  • Track ad source and type.
  • Track media source and type.
  • Track social network.
  • Track pay per click keyword.
  • Track organic search term.
  • Track offline ad source.
  • Track offline ad campaign.
  • Unlimited source and keyword call tracking.
  • Session-based intelligent number insertion.
  • Easy implementation on websites and content.
  • Customized administration for agencies.
  • Integrate call data with third-party apps.
  • Standard and custom real-time reporting.
  • Instant local and toll-free numbers.
  • Call recording, whisper and annotation.
  • Post-call scoring and sales notes.
  • Integrated online conversion analytics.
  • Track online conversations such as visits, emails, downloads, live chat, etc.

13. Specialty Answering Service

Month-to-month live telephone answering service. Plans from $38.

  • Two-week free trial!
  • Local and toll-free numbers available.
  • Customized programming and FAQs.
  • Appointment scheduling and online sales.
  • Set up sub accounts for different branches of your business by cloning current programming.
  • Real-time reporting puts call details at your fingertips the moment the agent disconnects.
  • View call logs, listen to recordings, and track key metrics such as number of calls, length of call, date and time via a secure web portal.

For more information on what Specialty Answering Service can do for you, give our Sales office a call at 1-888-532-4794, or learn why our live call center is a great solution for call tracking.


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