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Friendly Operator

Trying to find the right answering service can feel a little like playing musical chairs or trying your hand at online dating. You're doing your level best to get in there and make something fit, and you never really feel settled. With so many answering services out there, finding one that suits…

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Pitfalls to Avoid

Today, it's easier than ever to outsource your customer support. Just google small business answering services and you'll find pages of companies who can help. But just because you can find an answering service, it doesn't mean you're guaranteed a stellar outsourcing experience. If the company you're using doesn't have the right environment…

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Answering Machine Robot

For a start up small business, it can be hard finding the right balance between being available to your customers and staying on budget. That is why business owners make the choice to let their voicemail field calls when they're not available instead of paying a bit more money to let a…

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Excited Customer

Telephone answering services want your business.  Every answering service company wants you to think they're the best, that they hire the best receptionists, that they have the best rates, and that they're your business's best friends. Winners in this war for your business have been successful by actually delivering what they promise.…

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Raising Hand

Many factors should be considered when you're determining how to best structure your answering service account. Ultimately, the final number of questions depends on how your organization is structured and your outsourcing objectives. Here are 6 points to keep in mind when deciding on how to have the answering service agents handle…

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